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    Random inspection by Home Affairs Officers

    A friend of mine was just arrested by home affairs officers and police for not having any identification on him or proof that he is a legal resident/citizen of this country. The situation was that he was sitting in front of his shop, while a police van rocked up and the officers in the van...
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    Cancellation of gym contract after 6 days due to injury

    Hi guys I would really appreciate some of your input or feedback with the following. I joined a local gym last week Tuesday (08 February 2016). Today (Monday, 08 February 2016), I was using one of the weight lifting machines when it's handle bar fell on my head, got a cut and it bled, and...
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    Traffic offences...specifically speeding fines

    Hi everyone Last month I was caught speeding and received a traffic fine. After recently reading the whole thing about getting arrested for certain offences and the response from JPSA, I decided to do some more research. Well after reading a few websites and sections 54, 56 and 57 of the...
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    Advice on going for an Investec Private Bank Account

    Hi everyone. I recently passed my CTA and I qualify for an Investec Private Bank Account. I really don't know whether I need it though. Is a private bank account really worth it? I probably won't be using it to its fullest in the short term(although I am going to need vehicle finance very...