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    "Political will" not enough to fix Eskom

    Which South Africans would this be? I have yet to come across anyone who didn't think these "plans" were anything more than hot air (again). ... unless of course the nod comes from other piggies lining up at the trough.
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    Public protector claims only God can remove her from office

    He doesn't care.... getting paid for each appearance and we are paying him. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together thinks he is a poephol, but his target clients lap up his performances
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    Piemans Pie

    OMFG ! Stoppit! Someone ban bwana please. I'm drooling over here and that is 1,000 Kay's away. What I would give now for a venison pie + bacon-cheese-and-egg roster-koek on the side
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    Warning to motorists in South Africa: higher costs on the way

    I would say TF I ride a bike but I'm sure it won't be long before the fskers apply the tariff there too
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    Amazing how these people jump from one scam to another with no consequence MTi promoter to Gift of Legacy founding member... zero shame. GoL's little ponzi is taking off in small towns all over SA taking advantage of the desperate
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    Eskom loses 10 generating units - brace for Stage 6 power cuts

    We must have some ANC bigwigs visiting our little village because we have not been shed for 2 days now even though we're on the schedule. Also noticed some pothole repair going on in the main street, and that only happens when someone high up the party nought is passing through
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    Standard Bank suffers massive outage

    Satan's Accounting Package
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    Mbalula extends licence renewal grace period

    ....and?... we're you in-and-outed with any level of efficiency?
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    SABC can't blacklist TV licence holders for not paying - except by getting a court order

    The MBD SABC debt collection spammers are going at it like axe murderers over the last month or so. Truecaller on my phone blocks at least 3 or 4 calls every day, plus there is the attempted sms harassment
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    Big driving licence problem for South Africa

    :D indeed. I was referring to the love letter the ignoramus bacon bit is going to want to give me for "not having a license" I honestly think our already inefficient and overburdened prosecutors are going to be swamped with cases of fines being issued incorrectly and people ignoring them...
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    Big driving licence problem for South Africa

    I think there are plenty people who couldn't give a fsk anymore (me included). Disadvantage of living rural is muni's and gov services are stuffed... advantage is they are stuffed and officials couldn't care less if citizens abide by the law or not. I haven't seen a traffic orifice out here in...
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    What I Love About My Town

    MTB & hiking trails are 5 mins away no matter where I am in our little dorp (Clarens) and some of the best motorcycle routes in the country only 10mins away
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    AfriForum's lawyers sending legal letter to Fikile Mbalula over driver's licence deadline

    FearFokkol doesn't need the post office.... apparently he can just fly in and out of Ukraine in a matter of hours :whistle:
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    Loskop dam disaster

    We already have "proper environmental laws" ... they're just often ignored because the gov depts who are supposed to implement them don't know their @rses from their elbows and officials are more than willing to turn a blind eye for a brown envelope. Businesses that mine the area continue to do...
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    ...well fair enough but "want to be able to cruise on the freeway occasionally" isn't really lots of highway riding. The NC is a really nice bike to ride though... especially the dct. My advice to someone without experience on a bike would be to avoid highways completely until you are really...