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    Bad Driving thread

    The R21 JHB direction where it splits to enter the airport/ R21 Boksburg/ R24 Edenvale directions. Most of the time I come along to that point ther is someone cutting across lanes because they were in the wrong lane. If this happens 80% of the time when I travel through there so it is most...
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    What car did your parents own when you were a kid?

    Was looking at some old family photo's last night and the green Valiant my parents owned in the early 70's We went on holidays with a caravan in tow and was the fashion of the era. My dad also had a chocolate brown Volvo around 1975. then a dark blue Jaguar XJ6 in about 1977. My mom had a...
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    'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict

    Yep, in the real world. In government you can become minister of technology if you have a participation certificate for candle making.
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    How Old Is Your Car? And What Is The Mileage?

    Altea. Now that I think of it, it is more MPVish than SUVish The issue was a replacement grill, bonnet panel cross member and fenders was going to cost to much because it had to be brought in from Europe. So insurance just wrote it off. My uncle was pissed. He even offered to source 2nd hand...
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    FNB to stop issuing cheques to South African customers

    I thought cheques were a thing of the past long ago. Oh well you learn something new everyday. I mean just yesterday I learnt that the new bank I'm with is just as sad as the old bank I was with.
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    How Old Is Your Car? And What Is The Mileage?

    Car Make and Model: 2007 Corsa C 1.4 Sport Age: 13 Mileage: 417 000 km Plan: only major issue was clutch at 370000km IIRC and recently a inner cv joint broke oddly. Will keep it for now as it has been very reliable and the aircon still works which is important. I guess oil services religiously...
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    Never renewed drivers license

    .......and you never once in those 2900 days thought maybe you should renew your licence? Or is thinking about it as far as you got?
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    I've survived spinal MDR TB so I should survive if I do get it. I'm more concerned about my elderly mother getting it.
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    Kanye West declares he will run for US president in 2020

    Obama - wife looks like a guy in drag Trump - model wife with the personality of a lemon West - flabby ass porn star wife Yeah makes sense.
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    George Floyd: Twitter drops 'master', 'slave' and 'blacklist'

    The world should carry on as usual and ignore all these petty little things.
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    Rare cars on SA road

    What is 'on the on my' ? However, good to hear that at least someone is pandering to your needs and emotions.
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    Rare cars on SA road

    You seem upset? Do you need a hug?
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    Rare cars on SA road

    I actually don't love or hate it. It's a classic that was ahead of it's time when it was launched. However people that get boners for Polo's wif rimz is laughable.