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    Land dispute leads to South Coast school being shut

    What an A hole for doing that!!! Can’t the govt EWC ?
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    Telkom judgement is groundbreaking – Vodacom

    thank you for that comprehensive explanation. My question is Who owns the ducts ? Telkom or HOA? The myBB journalist writes “Telkom’s duct”
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    Telkom judgement is groundbreaking – Vodacom

    Wrt ownership of the duct , The Op states that the ducts belong to telkom. The judgement states otherwise. Do I understand this correctly?
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    Telkom judgement is groundbreaking – Vodacom
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    65 Johannesburg school pupils squashed into 26-seater minibus taxi

    Gauteng is still tops at breaking records [emoji23]
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    Easypay finally has an app.

    What types of cards does easy pay app allow?
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    Imports: Scott's Shipping Services

    Please quote me on the maxoak 50000mah
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    MTN wants accountant to pay back R53 million she stole

    The CEO prior to the current one turned out to be useless. Nigeria troubles started out under his watch and he did nothing and got a fat bonus.
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    SAA needs more support from government to stay alive - CEO

    The irony of this is that it’s easier for SAA to ask government for a bailout Than Convincing customers to purchase their services. In my personal capacity I stopped flying SAA in 2004 because they were not affordable. The companies that I worked for promote low cost airlines for domestic.
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    MSC Cruise dinner dress code

    You can always go to deck 13 cafeteria. Same food but self service. Wear your shorts and t shirts. And remember to watch out for norovirus
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    Soweto residents: Hell no, we won't pay for electricity!

    You forgot Free condoms Next will be free airtime , free data ,
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    If you have evidence of unethical practices, come forward - EOH

    This is only the beginning. My guess is that CA, SAP , Oracle to follow Microsoft.
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    2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (incl AMG G63)

    I was driving on Rivonia between Illovo and sandton city when I saw the outline of a G class behind me. This G63 , with plates “1 GP” , overtook me and was being followed by a ML63 with white security lights in the roof. The ML63 must have been for personal security.