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    Before Buying Property

    Excellent advice.
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    Netflix crushes Prime Video in South Africa

    I have the Netflix for SA. How does one get the Netflix that the US gets ?
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    AMZN Mktp US

    And the story gets more weird 1st transaction they debit my credit card c.R2950.00. Card gets blocked and replaced. 2nd transition they credit my old blocked credit card cR117.00.
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    AMZN Mktp US

    Good day all AMZN Mktp US I’m reaching out to find out if there are any other myBB members who had had this problem. I had two instances of my credit card being charged with a reference “AMZN Mktp US” On the first instance on 02jul19, I immediately logged with the credit card company. Card...
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    [wanted] Kwan Loong massage oil

    Kwan Loong massage oil I’m looking for a place in gauteng where I can purchase this. Preferably a place I can walk in, purchase and walk out.
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    Highly Skilled Migrant Job Offer in the Netherlands

    I recently watched a documentary on the housing market in Amsterdam. Google this and try work out your plan for rental.
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    Boeing’s 737 Max software outsourced to $9-an-hour Indian programmers

    I feel like I am living thru this Boeing outsource saga right now....
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    Any woodworkers?

    An option to consider You can take the sketches to a timber city. They maybe able to cut up all the pieces and you can assemble it.
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    Bunny Chow pictures

    Try curry and all in morningside wedge. Bunny’s are great. I have no affiliation to them. Just a satisfied customer.
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    Denel unable to pay full salaries this month

    And don’t forget this
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    What do you guys pay for a 9kg Gas bottle?

    R205 for 9kg from afrox midrand, Jhb
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    How much do you tip Mr Delivery and Uber eats drivers?

    I am cheap. Cheap as a chappies bubblegum. I don’t tip mr D and uber eats. Same applies to car guards/ parking attendants. @rpm : perhaps another question should be “ how much do estimate you spend on tips every month?”
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 missing!

    An excellent write up.