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    Cape Town residents close bridge to reduce crime

    That’s racist
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    Ex-top cop Phahlane's R84m fraud case

    yay... 3 years? They should really be ashamed. Dismissed.. and now ****all. Send him to jail then I'll get excited.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Niks soos n skyf om mense te unite nie
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    'F**k you, you uncircumcised boy!' - ANC recalls municipality chief whip for swearing at residents

    What is this classified as. If she was white it would have been racism. This isn’t xenophobia either. Its equally disgust As both.
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    Husband of presidency spokesperson's R125m PPE tender bonanza

    #ancapologist Sis man.
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    R50 million Khayelitsha housing development lost to land invasions

    Established gardens.. wow. I guess she thinks her houghton house just had a garden... how are these people in charge.
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    Julius Malema accuses scientists sitting on Ministerial Advisory of misleading nation on Covid-19

    That is very racist. Yoh. He is sitting way to pretty in the zim cigarette market
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    Refusal to get tested

    Well threatening people when they water their garden is not Ubuntu. Delivering a meal to their door is, caring is. You don’t have to touch to be together. Or even go into their yard. Hang a bread on their fence. You can watch out for one another with out touching. Your definition of ubuntu: I...
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    Refusal to get tested

    so much for ubuntu. But then again looking at your hospitals It might not be a stigma just common sense.
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    Refusal to get tested

    Mlm selling Herbal life. L
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    Refusal to get tested

    where he fsk do you get this from? What sigma? Why would there be a stigma? Where thef do you live?
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    New taxes on the cards for South Africans, including a “fire levy” and “amusement tax”

    I find politicians dying amusing. WOuld you please die more and then you are welcome to tax me.
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    Gwede Mantashe and his wife test positive for coronavirus

    Probably sneezed and demanded a hospital bed