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    Which TV series are you currently watching?

    Started House from S1 over the weekend
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    Do you think people should be allowed to walk or jog outside during the lockdown?

    You give the UK population too much credit... There's loads of people flouting the rules over here under the guise of "needed to go to the shops"
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    Going for a walk during the lockdown should be fine - Minister

    When did dog walking become a big thing over there? I hardly ever saw it in my 35 years of living there...
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion 2

    We had to go to Tesco yesterday to buy some necessities and it was ridiculous. Shelves were empty. Hell, even the vegan stuff was pretty much cleared out :ROFL:
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    Post your Coronavirus shopping hauls

    Holy crap, that came to a thousand bucks? Prices sure have gone up since i left 2 year ago!
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    What are you doing this weekend?

    Ugh, 5 months until we apply for my wifes FLR... Have to do the B2 before then, not looking forward to that
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    Football banter thread

    I think the league will be postponed for a month and then they'll reevaluate from there
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Received confirmation from Liverpool this morning that the Legends match at the end of the month has been postponed. The Barca Legends aren't travelling :(
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    The Sun? *spits!*
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    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    Pretty much my life Except i captained Boomerang :(
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    Things that please you...

    Your doctor is a bit of a dick... In the event that you do possibly have it, he'll merrily pass it on to his clients which i gather would include the elderly :thumbsdown:
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    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    What utter bull****... Firstly, because i had 3 players that were supposed to play tonight in my fantasy league team and secondly, what about the West Ham team that Arsenal played on the weekend? Surely, they'll now have to self isolate and that'll cause another postponement
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    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    Not bad considering i was happy he was on the bench. **** this gameweek. I used my free hit to get some Arsenal and City players in and captained Boomerang. All i know is that it better be a classic tomorrow with loads of goals... I need some points from Auba, De Bruyne and Saka. Somebody in my...
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    Things that please you...

    S40? Bloody hell, i remember the 1st season :(
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    We need to stop trying to walk the ball into the goal and actually just take a shot instead of dribbling it again and again. Nevertheless, it's just a blip in form. We'll get back to our killer ways. We need Hendo back in midfield so that the pressing is happening again. Anybody who ever...