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    The New Golf (2017 - Mk 7.5)

    And the guy who crashed his :X3: Apparently only 297 left as the others were written off.
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    2020 Hyundai Creta (2nd Generation)

    Half a bar for a Creta, that's insane!
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    Ineos Grenadier - the “no-nonsense 4×4 vehicle for the world”

    Can we see the inside please! But that thing is a bloody rip off though :ROFL: When capitalism meets capitalism :laugh:
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    Volkswagen T-Roc (incl T-Roc R)

    The red roof on the white silver o_O
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    2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 (Mk8)

    Oranges and apples I could argue get a Haval instead
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    The New Golf (2017 - Mk 7.5)

    What do you do at this McD? :ROFL:
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    BMW 850i M6 V10 Swap

    So last night I ran into this while browsing the net... BMW 850i M6 V10 swap Video The price is eye-watering Normal 850i Plus M6 V10...
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    Audi Q7 (2nd Generation)

    The Audi Q7 is sold with a 1-year/unlimited km warranty and a 5-year/100 000km Audi Freeway plan. :(
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    Audi Q2 is coming soon

    Wow, that looks plain for an S car :oops:
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    BMW iNext (EV SUV)

    I don't know hey...these guys are on that A-grade stuff, high up there with the stars :laugh:
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    The Kia Stinger Thread

    Note really, go check Autotrader, prices are still up.
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    The Hyundai Elantra Thread

    Not sure about the wing though