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    Xiaomi Mi Box S review

    Hi guys. Im interested in the mi box S. Any reviews from the people that purchased it? Is this box worth it just for streaming? Is the 8GB enough storage if you're just streaming? Thanks. Apologies if a thread exists. I couldn't find it this I created this one.
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Wasn’t aware retentions offered deals. Anyways. I took the R 149 20GB + 10GB deal. My dual call still works after the upgrade.
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    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Hi had a question. I had an issue with my copper cables which Telkom sorted out. The problem is my line is syncing at 4091kbps Previously it synced at 5120 kbps which I assume was the ASSIA? Will my line automatically resync to 5120 or am I now stuck at syncing at 4091?
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    Best/noteworthy family movie suggestions

    Hi guys. Please suggest family movies that are worth watching and enjoyable. It doesn't have to be animated movies. Something suitable for movie nights with the family. Thanks.
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    AlwaysOn... More like AlwaysExpensive

    What the heck is up with AlwaysOn prices? Why so expensive? I wouldn't mind buying wifi but c'mon. Those prices are damn steep.