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    ZA App Store

    Can you convert a US account into an SA one?
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    iOS 7 Release Today (18 September)

    Direct download links:
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    Printing from iPhone 5 to Samsung clx3158w

    Yup, upgrading my router's firmware fixed airprint and airplay for me.
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    GTalk/IM app on ipad

    Yeah, also my pick.
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    so everyone has a USA account for their iPads in order to download better apps?

    Did you attempt to purchase a free app, then follow the instructions from there? (Trying a free app allows you to choose "None" as a payment option, otherwise you're gonna need a US credit card).
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    switching app stores

    Pretty sure you can't actually buy anything in any store apart from the one your account is registered for. You can browse, but you can't buy. Unless I've missed something very obvious...
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    switching app stores

    You'd think this to be the case, but I've found some apps that are only available in the UK store, and not the US one.
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    Best place to buy Itunes Vouchers?

    Nevermind the fact that those vouchers are serverly overpriced. I use Keep an eye out round Thanksgiving, as there are generally voucher specials on most of the sites then.
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    2012 Currie Cup Rugby final: predict the score

    Sharks 21 WP 11
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    Apple's iPad mini event - 23/10/2012

    We can always hope and pray that sanity prevails...
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    My understanding is that drifta only accepts one connection at a time anyway, thereby rendering the concern moot.
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    The 2012 Castle Rugby Championship

    Was it just me, or was the production quality last night worse than when Boland plays the Eagles? Couldn't hear the ref, could hardly hear the commentators, no ambient stadium noise, random cutaways, no replays of contentious ref decisions. That said, maybe it was just me...
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    Just installed iOS 6.....

    Dunno about Turn by turn, but normal directions are working fine now on my iPad 2 (since beta 4).
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    Free apps can be downloaded without Apple ID in iOS 6

    This is cool. However, the thing I've enjoyed most is the fact that you don't get kicked out of the App Store each time you click "Update". Makes updating multiple apps a lot less painful.
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    What is the best contract pricing for an Iphone 4S at the moment?

    Those prices still don't come close to the CellC ones. 1. Not anytime minutes, only offpeak 2. Much, much less data. Those are deal breakers for me.