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    Don't buy these stolen batteries

    I'll take 5 please... where do I find these criminals ? Based on this logic we shouldnt support Eskom or Government either... Biggest criminals of all lol!
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    Big tax hikes coming in South Africa

    Time to vote the ANC out of power. I dont think any other measure, plan, etc will fix SA. The best thing we can do is to get rid of the ANC from the seat of Government. That would be our best possible solution at trying to save SA.
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    Eskom does not have enough money to cut staff

    Electrical engineers can stay. The rest can duck right off! The rest of services can be outsourced!
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    The first smartphones made in South Africa - All the details

    So cool... Wishing them all the success! Proudly South African !
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    No load-shedding expected this weekend

    Choooo! CHoooo!!! All aboard the Gravy Train!!! Chooooo Chooooo
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    Eskom prevented us from stopping load-shedding – Joburg mayor

    There is 2 sides to this coin and a general happy ending in sight... We have a energy supply issue. Our GVT is suppose to provide but they struggling. Politics and power are used to delay the inevitable. Our alternative route is renewable and self provisioning. It is such a fundamental...
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    Telkom cuts uncapped fibre prices

    I dont know whether to laugh or cry in shame and embarrassment lol!
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    We want you – Win a R25,000 gaming PC

    You cant use an i5 to entice someone... Minimum i7 gents... common guys... that's just being cheap :P
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    New SA coding curriculum risks "disastrous failure"

    Intentions are great and it is a must especially if our youth are going to have a chance at jobs and competing with the rest of the international community. Unfortunately it will fail. They can barely teach university students to code. Teaching primary and high school kids to code with the...
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    Locals creating incredible electronic systems

    CSIR do a lot of cool stuff! Big ups to them!
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    Network cable installation question

    Will do. Once its complete, neat and tidy I will post pics and final specs of hardware used.