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    This is how many South Africans have taken payment holidays

    Standard Bank. What a Joke, I applied for a Payment Holiday a month ago and still waiting for my response. Sent numerous emails and hours on the phone, even went in to a branch to get a manager to help. Still nothing. Useless.
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    Apple and Google launch COVID-19 tool

    Is this supposed to be available in SA? Unless I'm going blind, which is possible with all the sanitizer being absorbed into my body, I can't find the app on the Play Store. Maybe a link would have been a good idea.
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    DSTV Now problems

    Same thing here. Hurry up and wait....
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    Huawei Video launched in SA

    Yea I agree. Had a quick look at it and wasn't very impressed. Won't bother wasting my time.
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    The PC Build Thread

    Shot, I'll have a look.
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    The PC Build Thread

    Howzit That link is for a 9th Gen cpu. But thank you!
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    The PC Build Thread

    Hi Guys. Hoping for someone to point me in the right direction. My buddy got an unused MSI Z170A Krait X3 Mobo for free. Now the issue is I need to find a LGA 1151 6th gen CPU and some ram. Ram shouldn't be a problem to find. The CPU and fan is a different story, hence the thread. He be using...
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    Employees fired for sabotage at the SABC

    Please man. Who are they trying to fool. ROFL
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    New "Joker" malware targeting Android devices

    Exactly, how are we supposed to warn people?
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    Huawei - is the fuss worth worrying about?

    The "contract" between you and Google is already in place when the phone is shipped, so Google will keep sending the update. I got a P30 lite, had a P10 lite that I luv. But loving the new phone. Definitely good value for money in my books. Actually trying to find a thread to see what's...
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    Another petrol price hike is coming – AA

    The joke of capping the petrol price is that it's all a smoke screen. In the big picture that will only help a relatively small portion of the nation. The price of general goods, food etc will still be affected negatively as the majority of goods are transported by Diesel trucks and Diesel...