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    DSG Gearbox service : Cape Town

    Anyone able to recommend a reputable indie or specialist to service a Audi DSG box, just filter and oil in Cape Town And what is the estimated cost, roughly?
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    T95Q Media Box - Reinstalling Original Youtube App

    Installed and it's got no ads, whatsoever. So much better than my old version Just awesome
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    T95Q Media Box - Reinstalling Original Youtube App

    Awesome, thanks a MIL guys, sorted. Phew, lock down become really scary there for a while....
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    T95Q Media Box - Reinstalling Original Youtube App

    After experiencing some issues with my YouTube browsing on my android T95Q media box, I decided to delete the app, then reinstall via the play store However, the only version available in the playstore is the laptop version, not the original version that came built in with the media box This...
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    Old Mutual RA lost over a million rand in one year.

    You likely missing a very important piece of the puzzle, and that is the fees charged by OM, which is likely very very high and killing any return It's only in their best interest for you to ride it out as their commission is guarenteed, despite market performance. You take all the risk, they...
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    You can add as much as R100 000 into as many as 10 active GoalSaves Taken from their website, does this mean R100,000 per goalsave, totalling R1 Million, or is the R100, 000 the total of all goalsave accounts?
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    Official Super Rugby 2016 Thread

    Wonder why they never for poles with that last penalty?
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    2017 Renault Koleos (2nd Generation)

    Now thats what one call an improvement!!
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    2016 Renault Megane (4th Generation)

    Not bad, Def an improvement on the current model But I reckon it's baby brother Clio looks better
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    Heyneke Meyer's 2015 world cup diary

    I can feel that semi coming..... Good one