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    Vodacom App - iOS - anyone else having hassles?

    I really think this is a terrible app.. Firstly, it seems to consume wads of data - probably 50MB-100MB a month Secondly - it‘s often impossible to transact on the app as the service is “unavailable“ or errors out - I mean, the app really only has to do one thing..... Thirdly - it’s still...
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    Opted out of marketing SMS - now not getting OTPs and other desired content.. Help?

    Title says it all really - I opted out of marketing SMS about a month ago (I think it was nationaloptout?) Now I don’t get OTP from some providers, and we have a company SMS system that I can no longer receive messages from - apparently the response on their side is “delivery failure - opted...
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    IPad data in Italy

    Thanks for the info... Another question.. Do you need to get a "Codice fiscale" before, or can they sort something like that out in the shop (As far as you know) Mike
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    Verifying update

    An update. After an hour, and after iTunes uploaded almost 900MB (to where, and what?) the iPad updated. So iOS 4.3 looks like 4.2 TBH. No multitouch gestures, which was the only reason I downloaded it really. Am I missing something? 600MB downloaded, 900MB uploaded just to have screen...
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    Verifying update

    Hi Anyone know how long this should take? I have been sitting in front of itunes for ages now with it allegedly verifying the software update. All that is happening is that it is uploading huge amounts of data to who knows where, and no progress bar.... Ipad is connected, but does not appear...
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    IPad data in Italy

    Hi. I am fortunate to be attending a congress in Rome in April. Does anyone have any experience of using the iPad there wrt micro sim availability, data plans on prepaid etc? Any help much appreciated. Mike.