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    A third of South Africa’s middle-class set to be wiped out: lender

    Viva Cyril Viva........ You doing better then Zuma
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    South Africa to introduce regulations around self-driving cars

    The self driving car will get stolen
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    Dev career coaching

    Go into AI and machine learning
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    Advice on switching career path

    Just resign and join us. Sit at home and eat your money............[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81] No stress
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    Absa shuts down massive unit trust. Many investors have the wrong idea about the fund, it says

    Will they retrench their staff next [emoji2379][emoji2379][emoji2379][emoji2379]
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    Homes in Cape Town are being snapped up for under R1.5 million

    Ja Cape Town must push since uncle Cyril has a house there that he is building for over R50 million
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    WhatsApp pushing ahead with privacy changes, responds to rivals

    Lol they know people will continue using them [emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81] same as Google product's and Android..............
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    EOH CEO explains why staff take a salary hit while execs score millions

    No arrests for R200 billion at steinhoff with Markus imagine EOH
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    Free online tech courses launched for unemployed locals

    [emoji1531] you doing God's work
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    BSc IT at Richfield worth doing?

    Are comptia a+, comptia n+, comptia s+ and CCNP and CCNA worth doing.......
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    4 people's Jobs [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Absa says its headcount declined by 1,200 amid Covid-19 fallout and digital push

    Are they reducing staff or retrenching again
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    Weekend meeting shows Ramaphosa’s shaky hold on ANC

    Lol what if his companies are also in the looting [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    South Africa faces another downgrade this week

    They used to say Zuma then state capture was the problem then looting now who is the problem........