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    How to Integrate Ubiquiti Security Gateway. were great!
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    1986 Toyota Cressida on sale for R1.1m

    It's not even the 3L street eater... (with digital dials) or GLI-6 hmmmm
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    How to Integrate Ubiquiti Security Gateway.

    The above looks good and no settings are required for the US-8-60 to detect the Telkom Routers/AP's. I can't recall if the switch will auto sense if the device connected to it requires POE or not so maybe just turn off the POE on the ports that don't need POE.... last thing you want is to fry...
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    To invest in a USD ETF or a ZAR ETF?

    I'd seriously consider going the full USD route... I have far more faith in their politicians than ours Have a listen to this: and consider buying this:
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    DStv streaming a mess after app update

    For those of you struggling with Linux/Mi Box etc, I'd suggest installing Kodi and then this DSTV plugin: Works brilliantly
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    DStv streaming a mess after app update

    Thanks for reminding me to re-install this... legend!
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    iPhone 12 - MagSafe Accessories - feedback

    Maybe contact - these guys bring in brilliant products
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    I'd also suggest using holidayfactory - only had great service from them
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    Maldives is epic- what you see on the pamphlets is what you get. The advice we were given before we left was: Stay off the main island unless you want to hear planes coming in and out all day/night- a sea plane ride is and epic experience so I'd suggest looking for an island that is a bit away...
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    Does a non terrible media player exist

    Also running a Mi Box - got a usb to ethernet dongle and it connects via cable - works well. I've also loaded Kodi onto it which it struggles a bit with but I can't fault it for the price
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    South Africa's most popular firearms for self-defence

    Just get a Desert Eagle (well if you can find one).... The minute you pull it out, anyone with half a brain cell would run for their lives. Redneck Video
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    Telkom: cancel line and keep email address?

    If I recall correctly, you need to call Telkom Internet and tell them that you'd like to cancel your line but keep your e-mail address. I think it's like 15 ront per month per e-mail address but would suggest moving over to gmail or something else where you're not tied down.
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    ‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests take fiery turn as 25 trucks burnt in KZN