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    Shrien Dewani - Papa wag vir jou!

    Shrien seems to be on his way to Polsmoor soon.
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    iPhone games from South Africa

    Do you guys know of any other locally built iPhone games? I've found this on from MIH Swat in Cape Town "Naval Strike" but would like to build a list of others.
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    Test Yourself for Madness

    Add points for every time you fit the description. 1.)You often talk to yourself (yes this includes praying) (2 points) 2.)You take yourself very seriously. (3 points) 3.)You would die for what you believe in. (100 points) 4.)You almost never change your mind on any topic. (10 points)...
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    Religion: The Pro's and Con's

    I am an Atheist, which means I do not engage in the activities and thinking patterns of any religious denomination. Now that that is out of the way I hope you guys can join me on a exploration of the positives and negatives of religion and it is worth endorsing or denouncing religion. I ask...
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    Why I am an Atheist

    It is mostly very difficult to explain to people why I strongly disbelieve in the concept of God. I spend a long time going through an endless amount of hard data and at the end of it have people asking me ridiculous questions like: "If there is no God how did we get here?". So I have decided to...