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    Selling my Toyota 86 – When real life kicks in

    For some reason I read when wife kicks in . . .
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    How much you need to earn to “afford” the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    With the interest and fees paid probably losing much more the half a million.
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    Excitement and consequent anxiety over new opportunity

    All the best. Exciting times enjoy every moment regardless of outcome. This whole feeling of excitement is special and you should cherish it.
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    Patrice Motsepe's business empire

    Probably trying to go to Mars
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    What do you think should be done to stop the looting?

    Hand out 55" Hi Sense TV's
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    Who do you trust for Covid-19 information?

    Vernon koekemoer
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    Does a ban on booze help?

    Does the ban help? Yes it helps pissing off people instead of getting them pissed.
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    Euro 2020 no face masks needed?

    Has anyone watched some of the games? I have seen full stadiums with no face masks. I guess some EU countries are passed all these waves. What is this magic we are missing?
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    How much the monthly payments are on a new Audi Q2

    R10 000 a month for a 1.4 SUV sounds about right . . .
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    SARS announces start dates and details for 2021 tax season in South Africa – what you should know

    Run Run as fast as you can, If you are a tax evading man.
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    Mercedes-Benz SL from the 1970s – Photos of old-school style

    Looks proper, wouldnt mind getting one now
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    Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine approved for South Africa

    Nope Baby lotion, isnt that what J&J is famous for?