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    Nope what you want to invest in now is KBC - its a coin backed up by gold, its currently $5c - coinmarketcap - will be equal to 1g of gold in 2023 - Do the math if you buy R1000 (1700) coins x 40 x 14 = R500 000 odd by 2023. But buy now - karatbit exchange.
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    Bad Driving thread

    I remember many years ago...doing 210km/h on the M1!! 10h00 on a saturday morning...coming from town and joining the N1 and off at rivonia in a 1600 nissan sentra ...When you slow down to 120 it feels like you walking it feels so slow....
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    Drivers see cyclists as less than human – with violence against them seen as funny

    +1 I also grew up cycling alot, i find many other cyclists got this arrogance about them, this holier than though attitude... Dont stand 3 abreast when riding or stopped, keep single file...!
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    Bad Driving thread

    me too, i also used to do stupid things when i was young.....
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    Guess how much it costs to move ONT point from one room to adjoining room

    copper cable is easy - fibre.....carefull, rather get someone who knows what they doing, if it breaks or you need to re-splice or something, then when you call out telkom because you screwed up, they going to look at you, slap you, then charge you double....
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    Bad Driving thread

    "I lost control there once, many years back, while taking that corner at a uncivilized speed. Easy to mistake yourself going around there, much to easy. It's better to just take it slow" slow in fast out, clearly an amateur back then!
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool prizes

    The Huawai p20 lite deal!
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    What best describes your interest in driving/motoring

    Once you drive a car with a Turbo you cant go back, petrol or diesel - the ford focus 1.0L ecoboost is an incredible engine. Its nice to know you can cruise at 110 plus and if you hit a hill - you just push your foot a bit further down (or if you using speed control - it does it for you) and...
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    2017 Renault/Dacia Sandero (2nd Generation)

    I hired one last year december - very nice little car was very impressed! It was at the coast so better power, went very well - speedo was in ODD numbers - ? It sat quite easily and quietly at 130.
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    The startup cleaning Hartbeespoort Dam by turning water hyacinth into fertiliser

    Very good suggestion! cheaper than the big contracts to clean, would have been to offer the local vagrants in the squatter camp nearby, to come remove the plants, offer them something like R1 per Kg of plants removed... it cleans the dam, offers employment and income to unemployed locals, and...
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    South Africa’s new plug standard — USB power sockets must have switches
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    Which ISP on Vumatel infrastructure

    I'm leaning towards Macrolan right now....
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    Nissan Qashqai vs Renault Duster (used)

    My wife has the 2L diesel qashqai (now replaced by a 1600 diesel) I guess they make the motor smaller and slap on a bigger turbo - not sure. Best mileage i got with the qashqai was 850km on a tank. She owned 3 bmw's the last diesel BMW we got 1200km - I believe you can still get that with the...
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    Nissan Qashqai vs Renault Duster (used)

    We own both, qashqai is the more refined car - but duster is cheaper but does the job...I took my dads 2015 duster and no issues yet, took it at 24 000km now on 66 000 - only thing i dont like about the engine is it still has a CAMBELT!!! R6k to replace and its due now...qashqai's have a timing...