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    Dashboard Cameras

    VIRB Edit is a programs specifically tailored to edit Garmin dash cam clips
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    Adrian Gore, Discovery Chief Executive, shares Discovery's position on South Africa's COVID-19 vaccination programme

    Really? In a nut shell this is what Mr. Adrian Gore said. In addition, while there has been talk that DHMS has already agreed to finance vaccines for non-members through a cross-subsidisation agreement - this is simply not true. Schemes are awaiting clarity from government on exactly how...
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    Eskom forced to take control of parts of municipalities

    Matjabeng is definitely trying to dodge paying Eskom the billons it owes them, Apart from the hefty outstanding Electricity bill they also owe Sedibeng Water almost an equal amount. Dark and dry days ahead for us.
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    Truecaller breaks South Africa's new data privacy laws - Legal experts

    Ì do not have true caller installed on my phone but I have Caller ID and Spam protection activated in my call settings. Now most of the incoming calls show the caller name and some incoming numbers will display a possible spam or even fraud warnings. When dialing out it also pickup and display...
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    Eskom forced to take control of parts of municipalities

    The has been an ongoing saga between Eskom and our local municipality since 2017. Matjhabeng actually claim that Eskom owe them money because Eskom supply power directly to the farms and mines within their boundary and Eskom need to compensate them for the income they lose for not as the result...
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    DStv Exploras - software updates

    There are some bugs in this version. Last night my wife paused the decoder to go pour some coffee and when we started the decoder again it played back just about halve of the buffer formed before it froze. So we lost the backend of the program.
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    Eskom forced to take control of parts of municipalities

    We live in a municipality the owes Eskom some R3.4 billion in unpaid depths In its ongoing efforts to recover more than R3.4 billion in unpaid debt owed by the municipality has agreed to hand over to Eskom 139 farms belonging to the municipality as security on the debt. The farms are valued at...
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    DStv Exploras - software updates

    L86 on the Explora 2A and L46 on the 3A. The 2A still reboot twice a day apart from the 04:15 maintenance reboot.
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    SABC wants TV licences for DStv decoders, laptops, and Netflix

    Sylvia Tladi, head of the SABC’s TV license division, said they want the Public Broadcasting Policy to be changed to expand the definition of a TV set. She said the devices which must be included in the definition of a ‘TV set’ or now, a broadcasting device, include laptops, tablets, IPTV...
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    The cheapest option for keeping your house powered in load-shedding

    My understanding actually is that any device that has an electric motor could be damaged when plugging into a modified sine wave supply. Most electronics should be able to handle modified sin waves. The older generators do output pure sine wav but some of the inverter generators may use a...
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    The cheapest option for keeping your house powered in load-shedding

    There is a very nice article on what is required by law to connect a generator safely and legally to your house. I got my Ryobi for RG6700 for R2499 when one of the big retail stores got rid of their stock after the first round of load shedding may moons ago It is used in a carport quite a...
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    Help with Xtraview setup.

    You will need to use a diplexer see the diagram
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    Reactivated my DStv today, and E30-4 error on my Explora.

    Apart from the sound advice Geoff gave you above you may also try using the Dstv self-help help facility on either the DStv App or their website. For both you need to be registered. See my screenshot below.
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    Vehicle licence renewal problems in South Africa

    Most of the larger centra have professional motor vehicle registration and license renewal services serving the motor dealers . I gave my E-natis renewal notices to a dealer principal friend of mine and 2 days later got a phone call from a lady to meet her in the Game center parking lot to...
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    My friend's status for Jan show approved this morning but no payday yet.