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    Battery thieves target Vodacom

    Shocking They should be placed in a cell after a comprehensive charge.
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    Cops Calling due to new evidence

    Go to the copshop in question and ask to speak to Mr Detective over there. It might be someone wanting to extort due to knowledge of the case. If it's legit, go to them, don't entertain them coming to you. Lawyer???
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    Where to find capacitors in CPT?

    RF Design in Montague Garden's might be a good place to start.
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    Passive Income?

    @Fireblade74 Aren't you leaving for Oz soon? Maybe things will go better there?
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    Criminals are using ‘informants’ to target your home – here’s what you need to know

    Also interested in this kind of system, googling googling
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    What is this illness... (warning)

    Did she shower barefoot at the gym?
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    Agreed. Aaaaand.. you might wait a while to hear back from Lionel1989.. maybe when he's 35
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    Sounds like your friend's fault, both because of unlicensed and right of way to other person. He/She/You are in for a tough time ahead. My insurance bills me double excess if someone has an accident in my vehicle who is under 25 and license for less than 2 years. Unlicensed, I doubt they would...
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    This reminded me of one of my favourite scenes in any movie..
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    Marsellus' soul
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    I've noticed that. Or forget their logins and comes back as version 2.0
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    @Lisavr How did the hearing go?
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    Rat causes R154,000 damage to Porsche

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    Blue Label Telecoms sold Rain to buy Cell C

    Rain did not exist, therefore they could not possibly have sold it. Rain exists because of the WBS failure and if BL did not sell their stake, Rain probably would not have come to fruition due to its required stakeholders having never bought into it.
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    Man wearing TV on head caught on camera leaving old TVs on Virginia front porches

    That video talks about low hanging wires, nothing to do with the article.