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    US embassy warns that South Africans will have to wait longer for visas

    When I received my last Schengen Visa, it only took VFS/The Netherlands Embassy only 3 or 4 days (after the appointment). Now their website warns it will take 2 weeks. The website for the agency of the Germany Mission also warns it will take 2 weeks. Which gives me just enough time... But what...
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    Apply to renew passport online

    The employees in the branch encouraged me to get the card. My book is over 20 years old and I don't look the same. I was there for there for a passport, so they felt I may as well get the ID card as well.
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    20GB for the price of 50GB !!! am I missing something?

    It's in fact Axxess, not Cell C, who came up with this incredible offer.
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    Apply to renew passport online

    Both me and my mom did our passports recently. After *many* pitfalls, we succeeded: 1. You cannot complete the online form from a smart phone because it uses Flash Player. Chrome and Firefox works from a laptop. 2. The online system should send you an email to verify your email address. Don't...
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    Gig-A-Mania : R100 / 10 GB

    I see it will become available at 8 PM, but what is it exactly ? How long will the 10GB be valid ?
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    Cannot transfer prepaid data to another Telkom number

    It's working again. They were clearly busy expanding the system: You can now choose which bundle the data must come from.
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    Cannot transfer prepaid data to another Telkom number

    The last year or so, I've been buying prepaid data (50GB for R1799). I transfer most of it to friends and family with *180# and use the rest. For the last few days I get an error message. ("Service unavailable").
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    Freshphone - yay or nay?

    Fresh phone supports more than the g729 codec. It also use the GSM codec or the ilbc codec. Strangely, these last two codecs are disabled in csipsimple by default. To get this app to work with Fresh Phone, you need to enable them under settings.