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    Peta doubles down on Ramaphosa trophy hunting, pigeon breeding claims

    The TRC, trying its best, was not able to blame apartheid soldiers & police for more than 7000 deaths over forty years. Communism has killed 100 million people and China, North Korea, Cuba & others are still adding to that score.
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    Popcru calls Malema SAPS comments 'irresponsible threats'

    When lockdown started Cele had no problem with his men beating up or killing citizens who were not even law breakers, sometimes inside their own houses. I wonder if he intends taking similar action against a Nazi redshirt mob that threatens violence against the police.
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    Popcru calls Malema SAPS comments 'irresponsible threats'
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    School probed over ’no black teachers’

    A pensioner living alone in Brackenfell sent me this text earlier. The Court was happy to refuse the City's interdict application for last Friday so I hate to think what will happen this Friday when the EFF loot & trash every house in Brackenfell.
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    Explosive case against Santam: Here’s why it MUST pay for Covid-19 business claims

    Some years ago Santam tried to welsh on paying out my son for a written off 4x4 but the intervention of David Klatzow persuaded Santam to honour its obligation.
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    South Africa's unemployment situation is not hopeless, says Minister

    The situation will remain hopeless and will get worse for as long as the ANC has any influence. This article is worth saving so that we can look at the situation in 12, 18 & 24 months so that we can quantify just how much worse it will have become while the comrades will have become...
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    Minister Mkaka accuses Dikshit of engineering his firing from FMB

    DikShit a brick at the thought of a new contract.
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    Motorist dies after stepping on illegal connections while relieving himself on side of the road

    A sign of the times! a pee on the side of the road has now become as dangerous as breaking down.
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    The Bushiri's flee SA and Mzansi reacts: "Gone, gone, gone, gone."

    I never knew that. Must be why immigrants have a free pass (particularly in Melbourne) in respect of criminal behaviour.
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    The Bushiri's flee SA and Mzansi reacts: "Gone, gone, gone, gone."

    Having spare cash to grease suitable palms makes it easy for crooks to skip their appearing in court. South Africans seem to have forgotten that two lawyers (Bobroff father & son) are sitting pretty in Australia after ripping off road accident victims.
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    BREAKING NEWS: A warrant of arrest has been issued for ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule.

    Any serious witnesses will develop amnesia, die violently or simply vanish long before the case comes to trial, if ever.
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    Limpopo residents go 'on rampage', kill man suspected of house robberies

    A pity that the communities don't focus on, and sort out, the comrades who steal millions.
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    Thousands to attend controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's New Year's Eve service

    IOL reported on 30 October that a Bentley and a Maserati had been illegally shipped to Malawi and the magistrate still was still happy to grant bail! I hope...