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    Herotel wireless is unreliable, overpriced and only bearable if it's your only option. Had it in Grahamstown. I hear good things about their fibre in terms of both value and quality.
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    Government’s plan for a new city in South Africa includes growing cannabis

    I was gonna build a world class smart city, but then I got hiiiigh... I was gonna educate the population, create jobs and keep the liiiights on... But then I got high, but then I got high, but then I got hiiiigh... Dadada da duhduhduh.
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    BF2042 - No local servers

    Nah, puLse-Nirv. It confused a lot of guys back in BF3/BF4, and SSG Nirv played same role in SSG as I did in Pulse, IIRC (tank/engi/scout heli pilot). I think he changed his nick to Niirv or similar.
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    Looking for a decent, large (wide) gaming wireless mouse

    The Logitech G703 Lightspeed is quite large and has excellent wireless tech. Might not be as wide as required but worth a feel test if you can access one.
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    BF2042 - No local servers

    I'm hoping this one's good. Only going to start playing the beta from tomorrow. I played BF1942, BF2, BF3 and BF4, competitively in BF3 and 4. I've heard very mixed opinions (game trash, game good, vehicles OP, vehicles weak) so not sure what to expect yet. I'm considering paying for EA Play...
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    Fuel consumption

    Yup, still going strong, only at 62 000km now and not helped by lockdown. Fuel consumption has crept up a bit but that's probably because of shorter urban trips these days.
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    'I couldn't believe it' - University of Pretoria student submits master's thesis, gets PhD instead

    I was given the option to upgrade to a PhD during my masters, it would have added a year or two as per the norm for that situation. But I was honestly in bad need of a break from a very intensive lab-based masters, and needed quite some time to dive back into a PhD that was more field-based and...
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    'I couldn't believe it' - University of Pretoria student submits master's thesis, gets PhD instead

    I went to primary school with Michael, awesome to see his success. I'm near the end of a PhD in the natural sciences myself.
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    Pinelands EMS Vaccination Site - Cape Town

    Howzit @medicnick83, I'm due for my second Pfizer jab tomorrow. I went to the Pinelands site with my fiancee, so we're both due for second jab at the same time. However, she got an SMS saying she should go to Hout Bay, and I haven't received any SMS since the one confirming my first jab. Is it...
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    ConCourt dismisses bid to postpone local elections

    I went on Saturday after the online system let me down for the last few weeks. Wrote down details on a basic form, no scanning or other verification. Got the SMS later that afternoon, so you should be OK.
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    vaccination side affects

    A frustrating read, yes. Just "cycle messed up". Some specifics would be great. Late/ early period? Change in menstruation itself? My fiancée got the jab same time as me, these things are important information. Both had no side effects beyond slightly sore arm for a day.
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    Couple, aged 33 and 35, die from COVID-19

    Glad I could get an answer out of you on behalf of the peanut gallery, popcorn was getting cold. I have no skin in the game, carry on boys.
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    Couple, aged 33 and 35, die from COVID-19

    Brendybro, you missed one. Attached above. You're looking a little foolish to the lurkers, btw.