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    Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi Router ( Wanted )

    R1679 @ UniTerm Direct
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    LIVE | Apartheid flag judgment

    That should ban everything made during apartheid. One way to get rid of the SOE's ...
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    This is not Zim', nurse tells mom as her baby falls to death

    If you want to see a birth while standing, have a look here. This lady caught the baby herself, but it is clear that the baby would have fallen on its head otherwise.
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    Government is launching a major new website for South African businesses – here’s what to expect

    Just imagine all the supporting paperwork that will have to submitted. I don't think getting your B-BBEE certificate will suddenly be less work. There is a reason why there are companies that specializes in doing B-BBEE auditing.
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    Makate wants R10 billion from Vodacom

    Some background:
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    Fake lightning cable can be used to control your PC

    I'm sure the same could be done with any device you plug into a USB port. A cable though would not be suspected by default.
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    Why do you use Internet speed tests?

    Troubleshooting by: 1. Speedtest to auto server 2. Speedtest to fixed closest server 3. Speedtest to fixed international server This is normally enough to judge where the issue is, local or international. Tests might be supplemented with or MyBB speedtest to verify.
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    Where to get wood in bulk for fireplace/braai?

    Yeah, it won't be dry now. We plan on stocking up again after the winter
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    Where to get wood in bulk for fireplace/braai?

    Colin Williams (Manager) Charleys Wood Contact Number: 076 315 1582 or 063 000 7751 Cnr of R27 & M19 Melkbos
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    Police seize 20 hijacked cars destined for Mozambique

    Went into Mozambique at Komatipoort not long ago. Nice that they check the car's paperwork at the counter, but no matching to the actual vehicle. Not sure what the point was
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    SEACOM's attack on - All the details

    True, even if the results are on average worse or better than other tests (mtr, ipperf, etc), is still creates a baseline result that can be used to look at performance (especially over time). An improved testing methodology would be to test various protocols (ftp, http, rtsp, etc) in order to...
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    We are in a deep and serious crisis' - Ramaphosa on unemployment rate

    Not sure if mentioned yet ... Source: Unemployment rates: The white line included people that are discouraged, and no longer look for work. Further graphs in the article.