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    The tech skills which can get you a visa for Australia

    Most of it is going towards IP, except the radio part. Lot's of virtualization is happening as well, everything from the core to the RAN.
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    It just indicates that the number of invected does not have a correlation to the deaths.
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    Might be true for countries who can afford to lock down. Peru, as per an article in the twitter feed I shared, locked down early, but are one of hardest hit. People simply could not afford to sit at home.
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    Maybe the governments that actually implemented lockdowns, and still do?
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    Ramaphosa promises more affordable broadband for South Africans

    A good start would be to provide an incentive for fiber operators to deploy in small towns. I have a list of over 120 households and businesses ready to sign up for fiber, which is not too bad for our small town, but excuses range from "the town is too small" to "it will simply be too expensive...
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    Do you rent or own your home?

    I have both rented and rented out property before, unfortunately at the same time (moved to another province). With my property I fixed everything that broke, and where I rented I had to fight to get the owner to fix things that broke (wear and tear). Moved to a small town in order to be able to...
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    Farm Attacks

    Didn't even notice the date. It came up in my twitter feed yesterday.