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    Renault Kiger (cross between a Kwid & a Triber)

    I just used Renault has a deals page to get an idea of interest rates etc. -
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    Renault Kiger (cross between a Kwid & a Triber)

    My Sandero Stepway is fairly cheap, dunno about the new models. But damn, just worked out the finance on the top of the range without residual, and you are looking at R5300-6500 pm depending on deposit and term. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it feels expensive.
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    Moka pot or espresso machine?

    I like my Moka pot, just because it's so low tech, works really well with our gas stove, and takes up next to no space. Espresso from a expensive machine does taste better, but I couldn't be bothered with the cost and maintenance. I think my pot might be 20 years old soon...
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    YouTube Music is fastest-growing music streaming service

    Unless they changed/fixed it, they separate your regular streaming library and uploads. So you will have a YTM and Upload section in your library. Searching your library will not give you results from your uploads, you have to search specifically in your uploads. I mean WTF.
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    YouTube Music is fastest-growing music streaming service

    Sure, try navigating a big playlist in the Android TV app, plus it also starts mixing your listening history with you watch history. This means if I want to go back to a video I watched, I need to go through all the tracks I listened to as well.
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    YouTube Music is fastest-growing music streaming service

    Well, I hope they fix the disaster that is YouTube Music. I was a long time subscriber of Google Play Music since they launched here. The devs seem to not really care about user feedback. Android music downloads getting stuck, unable to cast out of Chrome (their own browser). I know you can cast...
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    125cc vs 150cc scooter?

    The one big thing, if there is an accident and somebody gets hurt, you might be in a world of trouble if there's an investigation. It could also affect insurance claims, either your own or somebody claiming against you.
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    Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro movie ticket prices in South Africa - 2014 vs 2021

    Yeah, try taking a family of 4 for a movie and snacks over the weekend, easily R600. With 4K and a decent surround setup at home, why bother. Our family likes movies, new and old, so even with the cost of the equipment, it quickly pays for itself.
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    I switched to Firefox on Android since it allows plugins, and I like my ublock origin. I then switched back to Firefox on my other machines since it's just more convenient having it all sync.
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    Disney+ South Africa gets launch window - Winter 2022

    How weird. Exactly what @konfab quoted. This slow rollout, in this age with all our technology and Disney's vast resources? Piracy really is more convenient and quicker. Well done Disney. (Not that I pirate anything from Disney+, but watching darkwing duck again would be really cool)
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    3dfx Interactive Acquired By Jansen Products, Returning After 20 Years With Major GPU Announcements This Week

    I'll never forget seeing Unreal and NFS 2 for the first time running on 3dfx hardware. We had one friend that had the card, rest of us plebs ran on software rendering. I wouldn't have 3d acceleration until my TNT 2.
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    FNB is hiring everyone from cybersecurity experts to chemical engineers

    They have many financial perks, and that's a big plus. I left because it's still very much big corporate and everything that comes with it. That's just my experience in the team I was part of.
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    Most South Africans Don’t Want Covid Shot, Many Rely on Prayer

    3 people close to me have died, all under 50, 2 are suffering from long term covid issues. I'll take my chances with the vaccine (which I have already received) rather than leaving my kids without a father. To add to that, 2 of the 3 were active, healthy and had no other pre-existing conditions...
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    Best hypervisor for routers

    I used to run pfSense and OPNsense on kvm, using a bridged setup on Intel cards. The cards were setup on the client with paravirtualization. You have to disable hardware checksum offloading on the client, but I always managed to hit 1Gbps, basically maxing out the links. Also, make sure cpu...
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    Birds in the Garden

    We have a garden with a couple of nice big trees (to our neighbor's dismay), but it attracts so many birds. Last year we built a fountain in the garden, and with WFH being a permanent thing for me now, I can watch the birds coming down for a drink and a bath, and the bird life has really picked...