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    LTE router compatible with Rain

    B311 going for 1200 on takealot right now
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    Anonymous ZA releases explosive information on MTI

    An anonymous currency used in illegal activities is found to be involved in illegal activities My sarcasm face is off the charts
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    The best alternatives for South Africans who don't have fibre

    Surprisingly yes usually around 11 or 12
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    Push for Postbank to become South Africa’s first state-owned bank

    Vbs will be a drop in the ocean if this happens
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    LG Wing

    This would be a good xcloud phone
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    Are you brand loyal when it comes to filling your car?

    Whatever is closet between Caltex for my ucount or Engen for my eBucks mostly Engen
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    dual sim, removable battery Android phone

    Galaxy xcover pro
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S - 6GB RAM 128GB (Viking's Review)

    Saw these at incredible connection eastgate and they had stock R5300 for the 128gb model
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    Anyone else retrenched?

    Me and the wife she was lucky to get a new job right away for more money so we are kinds making up for it but doesn't stop me from hating life
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    Dual sim funtion blocked from MTN and Vodacom

    Or just
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    Why South African B&Bs and guest houses dislike Airbnb

    The future is now old Karen
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    Oneplus 6T Repairs?

    Platinum repairs I think