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    Help needed for contact person in Vodacom Accounts dept.

    I reported it on HelloPeter. They didn't respond the 1st time, so I opened a new account & reported it again. It took over a week but I finally got a response! I've received a statement to say I'll get part of the money back (1/3/2021) - I'm giving up on the rest - fed up! I certainly won't...
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    Black Friday disaster

    I gave over 20 working days notice - contacted them on 23 October with the contract expiring on 26 November
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    Black Friday disaster

    Looks like we're going through the same "process" - however I've been waiting for them to "investigate & process a refund", with them just charging more!
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    Black Friday disaster

    2 years ago I purchased a Black Friday contract - 30GB+30GB @R299 24 months. This increased to R323 after about 6 months (no new benefits!) I didn't want to extend the contract when it came to an end (26 November 2020) and contacted customer services on 23 October 2020 over 20 days before the...
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    Vodacom keep billing after cancellation

    I have the same problem - I've been phoning weekly and they keep promising to fix it but instead it increases each time - was R323, then R353.60, now R629!
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    Untrue advert for free router

    Is the R999 prepaid 50GB + 150GB package (free Huawei LTE B315 Router) a con as no routers have been sent to Rosebank yet and they can’t guarantee that they’ll get them from Cell C before the advert expires? (It’s only available from 15 October – 22 October.) Is this normal Cell C...