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    Change prepaid number?

    I’ve just bought a new prepaid sim and I don’t particularly like the number I’ve been assigned. Is it possible for me to just get a new number without buying another sim and going through the whole RICA process again?
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    Activating roaming once overseas?

    Very possible, just call +2782111/+2782135 from any phone and you get put through to the call center. As much as they’ll try to convince you it won’t work, just tell them to send the command through and restart the phone afterwards. You’ll be connected no problem.
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    Android P for P10... when?!

    .....In other news, the unbranded global P10 has had Pie for two weeks now.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Yup, exactly what I'm referring to. Be warned, the sim slot does get a little bit stuck if you try to remove the extension, but a little to moderate force will get it out. The trick is to have someone insert the pin whilst you're pulling on the...
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    There are little extensions you can buy to use both SIM cards and a memory card simultaneously. You can find them on AliExpress
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    SIM Swap via the app?

    Apparently you can SIM Swap via the app as shown in the screenshot below but I don't see exactly where it can be done? Please let me know if you guys see the option on your side
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    P10/P10 Plus FAQ

    Anybody got Android Pie on their P10 yet?
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    Cell C fixed LTE data throughput experience

    it's a Huawei P10 (VTR-L29) , other Cell C representatives have said that it's not possible for my phone but I don't believe it as I've seen others with my exact cellphone able to use WiFi Calling on your network.
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    Cell C fixed LTE data throughput experience

    Hi there, This isn't related to the topic (sorry about that), but may I know what phone you're using? Trying to get my WiFi Calling activated.
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    Anyone know if these guys are trustworthy/Legit?

    Thanks for the link. Clicking on Order FREE SIM seems to be doing nothing for me though?
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    Anyone know if these guys are trustworthy/Legit?

    Well if they are then that's great. R29 is cheap for 1.2GB. Anyone know where I can find a SIM?
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    Anyone know if these guys are trustworthy/Legit?

    Posting here because they seem to be on the Cell C network
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    VoWiFi not available for OnePlus6 on CellC

    Any news for VoWiFi on the Huawei P10?
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    Huawei P10

    Which network supports WiFi Calling on this device?