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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    You will only get competent english with your passport, regardless of EA requirements, so if you want to claim 20 points for superior English you have to do the test.
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    City Power is switching off heavy power users: Here’s how to calculate how much electricity you are using

    That is the strategy. If they blow enough devices, their usage will also drop. Genius, really!
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    Router Battery Backup

    The triacs themselves won't care, there is a very slight chance that they way they control them might not work, but that is unlikely.
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    Router Battery Backup

    The mikrotiks and rpi's won't care about modified sine. I'm not sure about the sonoff, but it should be fine.
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    Resign with immediate effect?

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: FArtyLoop
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    They just started dropping' - Heroes tell of dramatic scramble after people collapse in Cape Town

    Is that a serious question? (besides the fact that food safety tests usually only test for pathogens, which would be really difficult to do with a spectroscope)
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    They just started dropping' - Heroes tell of dramatic scramble after people collapse in Cape Town

    What? Who does food trials on animals? That is not how it works. You should follow protocol that makes food that is safe. If there is any reason to suspect otherwise, a sample is analyzed by a lab for food safety. Besides that, you want an official report, are you going to write "handed out test...
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    Massive job cuts at Dion Wired

    If you ask for a pricecheck at the information desk at Builders (also massmart) and have fast eyes, you can see the price, cost and margin. 85% markup on a tube of silicone I checked...
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    Fires in Australia

    It certainly is. But people should be aware that is not a photo, and that the fires are also exaggerated. But then, most people also don't understand the scale of a country from that view-point, so it is more effective in getting the message across that way.
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    Fires in Australia

    No, that is not a NASA image. It is an artist's rendition of data from NASA, which includes detected hotspots over a 1 Month period.
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    Should I buy from comx/laptopdirect

    Given that this is SA, they are definitely way above average.
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    New battery could power your smartphone for 5 days

    I skimmed the actual paper - the article is pretty much garbage. ( The breakthrough is in the sulfur electrode - both the construction and the binding polymer. The issue was that the electrode expands by as much as 78% during cycles, causing...
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    Delays at Jnb inl. mail centre

    Depends on whether it falls to the back of the pile or the front. I placed an order Nov 26 and it was at my post office Dec 11.
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    Exposed – False power bank capacity claims in South Africa

    Why are there no actual tests? The battery is one thing, but the DC-DC converter efficiency can also vary a lot. Then there is also static loss, where some will drain themselves in a number of days. As for everyone punting Romoss, they do not use great DC-DC converters and are on the limit in...