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    Mobile networks have three months to "wind down" services in temporary spectrum bands

    As much as the spectrum handling by icasa is ****up, this news is pure clickbait rubbish. How can it be a shock if the recent deadline was today. Is it shocking that it has been extended?
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    Government looking at increased taxes and higher drinking age limit to fight alcohol abuse

    This is just sad state of affairs created by lazy, incompetent and corrupt politicians.
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    The truth about iPhone prices in South Africa

    The iPhones have e-SIM besides the standard nam-SIM in them this started with the XS series, why does the staff writer not mention this when the last paragraph highlights the cost added by the e-SIM availability.
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    Rain in trouble for download speed claims

    I just always have distrust for small companies that claim to run the next generation technologies that are difficult to master even for larger companies in that particular space. Rain’s 5G claims make me nervous. I get around 130 Mbps downloads from the standard MTN LTE for my contract phone...
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    Executive pay compared to average pay in South Africa

    I fully agree, I work for one of the companies shown here and the average salary is about twice my salary, and I’m a senior technician and am one of many in the company. So it’s amazing that there are so many people getting paid such high salaries that it basically raises our average to the...
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    Vivo launches its X50 flagship smartphones locally - 5G and Hyper-Zoom

    Sad to have to pay this much for these phones now. I mean how much would the Pro be if it was running the SD865 then.
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    Best and worst ISPs during lockdown - Speed and customer satisfaction compared

    I’m with 123NET and they boosted my 125 Mbps/125 Mbps up to 855 Mbps/ 855 Mbps or at least that what my very old modem on my very old mother board can see. My iPhones can only measure up to around 300 Mbps as they are getting it via WiFi. So I’m very very happy, not that we are able to use that...
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    MyBroadband tests Vodacom 5G - Unexpected results

    On MTN LTE while at home.
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    MyBroadband tests Vodacom 5G - Unexpected results

    And I get around 98 Mbps down and about 18 Mbps up on MTN at 17ms
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    The DStv myth

    The standard has gone down on this site...what a shame
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    R900 vs R15.90 - Make your choice

    No. If your month of subscription has not ended yet, then you will be able to play until such time that your subscription expires. Once that is done then you can no longer play those games. You see ever time you open the game in XGP it checks for licenses so expired subscription means expired...
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    iPhone calling problems on Vodacom

    So why is VoLTE working well for iPhone on MTN? The only thing it has is a weird busy tone when ringing but the call goes through. MTN did send a message notifying users that they were working on a fix for the busy tone like ring tone.
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    South Africa’s first smartphone factory – Photos

    You are so correct on this, the other thing is that if you look at companies like Xiaomi, they appear low priced but their intention is also to get you into their larger ecosystem. It is the same thing we see with consoles, where they sell at a loss to get you into their ecosystem where you will...