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    Keanu Reeves to reprise role as Neo in Matrix 4

    To adapt to modern world, is Jeff Bezos going to play the Architect?
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    Keanu Reeves to reprise role as Neo in Matrix 4

    The Matrix 4 - The Last Load
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    Competition Commission says that spectrum must be used to slash data prices

    Working lunches, think tanks, setting up of departments... All while hand-out holding for the kick backs. And all this before anything actually get's done. If ever.
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    Competition Commission says that spectrum must be used to slash data prices

    Too much hunny sitting in that pot. The skimming potential is huge! So all that is currently happening, is peeps are sitting around working out how much of the pie they can try get. Net result... SA sliders further down the digital slope...
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    Facebook to put its name on WhatsApp

    Tele... !!! Argh!!!
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    Absurd cPanel license price increase

    This. It's exactly the same shenanigans that went on, when VBulletin was bought out years ago. At least there are lot's more alternative panel solutions today, than there were forum solutions back then. CPanel will feel the burn a good ways down the road. Going to take time but it will...
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    Soweto residents want to pay a flat R100 per month for electricity

    Ahhhh, I just love it when the socialist bird comes home to roost. It seems WMC is just fine as long as it can cover the freeloading majority. This is what comes from rampant, unchecked, and socially enabled population explosion. Emotions and cultural beliefs aside, you can't deny the...
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    Naspers appoints CEO for South Africa

    She looks young, and with her experience, if she smashes it, she is gonna make bank after a few years! Nicely done.
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    YouTube to provide live sports streaming in South Africa

    Oooooh snap. I see what you so brilliantly did there. Yaar, DSTV must die.
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    Eskom to stop replacing equipment where people don't pay

    It would seem the mantra of "Free Stuff for Votes" , is running out of steam.. Hur, hur, see what I did there.
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    You are going to pay for Eskom

    All these union members and bosses, will soon be enjoying paying R20-R25 for a loaf of bread, and R30 for 1l of milk. They just don't get how stalling IPP's and halting division dismantling, is going to have some pretty harsh knock on effects.
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    Octotel reaches over 100,000 homes passed

    I guess I was lucky.. Payed for a 10/5 line, yet averaged 11/10
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    We won't give up using Huawei equipment - Rain

    This crap all came about about because of the half baked news article about the telnet protocol. The USA politicians took this as a magic bullet, to begin the process to shoot down their 5G competition. 5G for the states is a potential half a trillion dollar industry over the next few years. Yet...
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    The incredibly powerful Apple Mac Pro 2019

    My first thought :)
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    Huawei Is a Huge Challenge for Europe's Spies: Lionel Laurent

    Yup, and they are also tjoep still about the Cisco kit. And no one in the US Guv has actually the balls to admit they are tech idiots and thought telnet was a hacker backdoor.