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    Mweb seeks new CEO

    Does MWEB still exists? Probably expensive also.
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    How SA networks decide which towns get fibre

    Yes but as Trucomm. Do you have their coverage map in Lichtenburg?
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    How SA networks decide which towns get fibre

    Herotel is operating in Mahikeng but as Trucomm. They are currently installing FTTH in Golf View, Reviera Park and maybe Libertas. Other than that I think is FTTH in Industrial Site.
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    Mobile subscribers in South Africa - Vodacom vs MTN

    Interesting battle between CellC and Telkom
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    Vodacom 5G - Big difference discovered depending on your phone

    Based on all South Africa's mobile network operators download & upload speeds my question is DO WE REALLY HAVE TRUE 5G IN SOUTH AFRICA? Australia's 4G average download speed is 900+Mb/ps and the U.S 5G is over 1.5Gb/s.
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    Openserve’s ADSL shutdown - CEO explains

    It's about time FIBRE coverage maps are updated. I live in Mahikeng North West province. There is fibre network in some parts of urban areas but there is no up to date fibre maps on the net. Lichtenburg also have fibre coverage so please update your maps
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    Why Afrihost's PE fibre traffic is routed through Joburg

    So this article is all about setisfying Gammers?
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    Best prepaid mobile data prices in SA

    Isn't it time 1GB supposed to be R10?
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    Do you support the new ban on alcohol sales?

    Definitely no. Where are the troops and the police who used to patrol this country during level 5? They should also ban church gatherings again
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    Vodacom's uncapped 5G - "Not yet, but it will come"

    :laugh::laugh: How much will the Uncapped plan be? R4000.00?
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    Telkom Night Surfer data bundle - Check the fine print for the FUP

    I thought it was my old laptop being slow
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    MyBroadband tests Vodacom 5G - Unexpected results

    Does Liquid Telecoms have their own 4G/5G coverage map?
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    Rain vs Vodacom – 5G price showdown

    Why should I sign for 24 month's deal for a temporary spectrum?
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    New spectrum has arrived – What mobile operators are doing with it

    What is the best APP to detect which Spectrum Band your phone is connected to?
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    Lockdown speeds - One mobile network is getting hammered more than others

    Will I be wrong to say it's is a WIN WIN for Rain. During this lockdown period the amount of Vodacom data being offloaded to Rain means more money in the pockets of Rain's investors?