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    Where to study IT (Varsity College a good option?)

    A lot of people I know used to go to Van Zyl and Pritchard, not sure if they’re still good though.
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    Loved Kimi driving straight past Vettel... Wonder if Binotto will survive, can‘t see them scoring points at Monza, maybe Mugello or Imola will save him. Mercedes unstoppable again, great car, great team. Any of the 20 Drivers out there will 1/2 those cars. Renault the surprising package for...
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    Ferrari is 1.3 seconds down on Ferrari in 2019 at Spa. Insane. They are behind the Alfa's which mean its not even just a power problem, but much wider than that.
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    UNISA - BSc (General)

    Regardless of how many Majors you complete, you will get one degree, that is a BSc. Pre-req's are only required for ensuring you have knowledge, while credits are the number of units you need for the degree. Recommend you check this with the university.
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    I need help, my mom just got scammed out of R60k+ via phishing - Absa

    Usually the bank also allows for email correspondence, especially in a case like this. You may be able to write a few questions for your mum to email over to the agent she is dealing with on this case.
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    Ridiculous MacBook repair pricing

    I read an article about this last year and gave it a try with a little listerene it didn't work. Was a bit scared so went really gentle. Watched a video now, looks like it takes a lot of time and a lot of listerene to do this. Will try to this next weekend! Thanks!
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    Ridiculous MacBook repair pricing

    My 2013 only developed stains in 2019, the 'recall' for those models only ran till 2018. Stains are only in top right and you can't really see then when the screen is lit up, but they are super irritating. The machine still runs great for a 7 year old machine!
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    2020 Ferrari Roma

    Feels a bit Z4ish to me, but what a beaut!
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    [UK]Rishi Sunak considers online sales tax in bid to save high street

    Sure, but if you charge a company extra tax they just pass it on to the consumer. Why not just close high street stores and replace them the premium brands who can absorb absurd rents?
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    2019 Porsche 911 range (992 Series)

    Wow, wish I could have this!!
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    new headphones - opinions

    I game with these over bluetooth, dont really have any issues. They also are my main headphones that I use for everything else. Super comfy.)
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    Laptop on a budget for BSc Comp Sci Student

    As nice as a gaming laptop is, if you don't game I wouldn't get a gaming laptop. You pay too much money for a refresh rate and graphics that you dont make use of. Would rather look for something with strong CPU and Memory specs + decent onboard gfx. Core i5 quad + min 16 gig is perfect, 32 if...
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    Laptop on a budget for BSc Comp Sci Student

    Writing papers and some coding usually isn't too machine intensive. Universities usually have labs to offload high workloads onto (if they dont you can always scale processing to the cloud). What else do you? Any gaming? The new Ryzen laptops look great, well priced and come with a decent GPU...
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    Printing Money

    The major difference is the US will deploy a large portion of this money via QE into listed securities and bonds and reversed these position later. In 08/09 they never needed the whole 2T allocated to TARP and they made a profit of the money they deployed. It was a very effective way to increase...
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    W8ben form for USA investing

    I am currently tax resident outside of South Africa, and using a broker local to where I am resident. I left question blank. Is the broker applying South African tax on profits for you, or do you get the full gains and then need to declare the tax yourself? I'd recommend you speak to the broker...