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    New WISP

    Please PM me offers too.
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    New WISP

    all this has not data, just L2 , oh 18k BBI exl Mast colocation.
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    New WISP

    8k LA BB or 20k LA Metro or 24k Liquid Carrier or 27k MTN Business. All depends where are you located.
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    Rental for WiFi tower?

    Keep the 2K Bro, squeeze in a once-off fee of R 5K for garden services. Ensure proper grounding for that tower hey. Get your own Accessor!
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    First Supersonic AirFibre service is now live

    Does anyone have the cost of the Service?
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    Bitco home wireless internet

    Thanks, Those dishes do work hey!
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    Bitco home wireless internet

    Can someone please share results, Can you also share the pictures of the equipment used if you get time. These guys only have one package?
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    Wirulink madness.

    Hey Even a Radwin Jet or Cambium CNMedusa does not cost R4500 for just the dish. One may add a bracket, cable and a good router, that's about R1750, Labour, another R 750. This is According to Todays Price, back then, it could be that price, They still Collected? They need to be dealt with...
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    we spoke!!! Via LA
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    Screamer Telecoms - Great response

    300 mbps in 4 hrs? Awesome!
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    Desperately looking for new SIP Provider

    You can PM me, its going to be a wanatel service.
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    VAST Networks confirmed to be shutting down

    I wonder where is Always on. I tried this hotspot, Just does not work, the main places already have their own main links ie hotels and BNB.
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    RAIN LTE-A: Speedtests

    Hey, Im getting Max 60 Mbps on RAIN In Madadeni,:)
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    Compromised Voip phone

    If Only!