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    Borrowing against cryptocurrency???

    A classic case of utilizing something while it's not until the masses accepts it later down the road and it becomes. Its not real yet but the hope is to ride the hype train till it materializes then one will already have a foot in the door.
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    Windows Server 2008 - Prize giveaway

    Windows Server 2016 & Windows Server 2019’s enhanced security protects at the identity, OS, and virtualization layers to disrupt attacks and isolate vulnerable targets. Support is continuing until at least 2023.
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    Borrowing against cryptocurrency???

    At OP do you mean something like ?
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    Netflix - Transaction Fee?

    I can confirm on FNB there is no cent extra charged ontop of the standard Netflix subscription
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    Abit delayed but seemingly still on track. Perhaps I was a week ahead :whistling:
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    That's what makes bitcoin interesting - volatility aside, no one really knows what moves it. Fundamentals bounce of it like rain drops. However it still somewhat follows TA to a certain extent then throws a curve ball every now and then.
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    The noise aka chop got me twice today. So I am sitting on my hands as punishment. In other interesting news - seems like tradingview has decided to implement a chat/conversation feature on their site. I don't know who suggested that extra noise is a good idea but we now have it. Luckily one can...
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    The old app was way better looking - one could actually trade and make a trade from it and set limit buys thus bypassing fees - that seems gone so like someone said earlier - it's as if they are want you lose money to them. Also we had gotten accustomed to it and how it works and how to get...
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    Mind the Speed Giveaway - Win cool prizes

    Frogfoot 20mbps R725.00 20 Mbps Download 20 Mbps Upload Uncapped Unshaped No FUP Free Installation / Migration Month-Month Agreement Free to Use Router Free Voice Account Free 10GB Cloud Backup Static IP on Request
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    I'm still bearish and would like to see a weekend dump to $9700 and lower.
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    Rain Network problems today ?

    I have all the lights showing on my router but from 11pm last night I too noticed issues. Tried a restart but that did not help. I could not connect to any site - this morning things are faring much better - sites open and all that but there is major slowdown and in some instances I lose...
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    Amazon Fire TV 4K (Pendant)

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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    Yip, bears are out in full force and wiping the floor clean from fib to fib.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Just an update - after scoring the interwebs for other alternatives I came across a solution that worked. For anyone else having a similar issue, just go to settings and then apps... scroll down to chromecast app and clear cache and then restart the device - On my end I also cleared the cache of...