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    Standard Bank's recent outage wasn't an attack

    Problem started for me as soon as I installed latest IOS app update 3.15.0 released 5 days ago; I reported by email that app is totally non functional and got a response from Std Bank telling me they will advise me when problem is fixed??!! I'm surprised that forum is not full of complaints...
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location Equestria Fibre provider Openserve Package 100/to uncapped
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    Big New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Whether you’re shooting close up or super wide, you get picture perfect images that will make your friends wonder how you did it. With its incredible 123-degree field of vision, our Ultra Wide Camera is built to capture as wide as the human eye can see, live.
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    Please Rate MWEB

    understand that Mweb are just my supplier of Rain fixed lte service but expected them to have more clout with Rain if after complaining about download speed of 1-2 Mbps for them to say 'Rain says there's nothing they can do if tower is congested' - it reflects poorly on Mweb
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    ISPs confirm free off-peak data for Rain customers

    Agree with slow LTE-A network probs; I reported this to MWeb some 15 days ago with a spreadsheet showing that more than 50% of the 145 speed tests I've done over the last 12m in Pta East/Equestria showed a download speed of less than 5Mbps with many in the 0.57 (yes 0.57) to 1.8 Mbps range and...
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    Do you own an iPad?

    Yes, ipad air2 and iPad 6 -used continuously for email, news, MyBB, many apps incl banking, flight radar, Zinio etc We couldn't live without them, now part of our lives
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    Do you have fibre-to-the-home coverage where you live?

    Yes Openserve in Equestria Pretoria
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now and win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    Saving up to 90percent on printing costs, the L1455 can print up to 10,500 pages from the initial two sets of genuine inks included in the box
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    Win an Amazon Echo in this Two-Day Giveaway

    It’s time to start thinking holistically about safeguarding against email-borne threats and mitigating risk – it’s time to implement a cyber resilience strategy.