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    To pool or not too pool

    Relative reduced pool to ¹/³ it's original size. The rest of it was turned into an underground water tank with a deck over it. So now they have a small, less maintenance pool, and something like a 50 000L water tank for the garden during summer.
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    Final Space

    Gary? Gary! GAAAARRYYYY!!
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    Cape bikers say City traffic by-law amendment will outlaw lane sharing

    I only lane split at max 20kph faster than the traffic is moving
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    Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

    It won't break this time. Promise. Crazy money for a big phone. But if I had that much to waste, I'd get one [emoji16]
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    EWN'S Barry Bateman apologises unreservedly

    He called JM a female body part. So he apologised for comparing any part of a woman to Julius. As he should, nobody should be compared to that c*#$.
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Yes, rain mode restricts to 100hp and has all the electronics at max. ABS, anti-dive, anti-wheelie, traction control and cornering ABS (which I can vouch for working well). And it disabled the artificial backfiring during downshifts [emoji16]
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    I've had both the R and RR...and if he's worried about the power of the GSX then the R is not going to be great. But I can say the electronics are fantastic. Had the RR and never pushed it to max, power jump to a superbike was a bit much. Swapped to an R, had it now almost 2 years. Fantastic...
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    US Politics and Trump Category IV - I've never even heard of one that big before

    I don't know why....but I have a vision of Trump just going "hong hong hong" thru the debate.
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    Hyundai Santro/Atos

    Small car made in India... Nope.
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    ^ I don't know how to respond to this.
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    Sorry...are you saying that it's not easy to disprove a flat Earth?
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    Essential reveals new Project GEM smartphone

    Thin form factor is terrible. But maybe it'll be trendy for people with thin pockets? Or purses?
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    Something...something...definition of insanity?