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    Getaway Ideas Near Durban

    Thanks guys! Nobody else been anywhere noteworthy?
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    Getaway Ideas Near Durban

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations on where myself and my girlfriend can go for a long weekend around the Durban area? We dont mind driving a bit so really anywhere in KZN would suit. We have already done the midlands and are quite keen on maybe doing something in the south coast...
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Avant - Garde Insurance Brokers
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    Herbalife shakes??

    They dont keep reviews of brands on their website, they review studies done on individual ingredients. This was just a tweet of theirs I saw.
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    Herbalife shakes??

    Not a hater on Herbalife, I just saw a Tweet and thought I would share: I myself have a protein shake every morning, not a Herbalife one, but just wanted to give you all the info I have before you decide.
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    OnePlus 7

    I was looking at getting a oneplus 7 pro, I can get it from Zeek for about R14k: That seems way more expensive then you guys are getting it for even after customs, if I order it from...
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    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Had the curry buffet at the Oyster Box before but its now about R400 per person just for the buffet, so with drinks and tip you are looking at over R1000 for a dinner for 2. Palki looks good so will definitely try that and Mali's and feedback
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    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Hi guys, I was in the UK recently and went to a curry restaurant where you ordered your curry, rice and naan separately and there were lots of flavor options for each. I really enjoyed the fact that it was an actual restaurant and that they offered curries like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Today when I logged in I see I am now level 3... Any way to check what criteria I missed?
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    Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick - Enter Now

    Manage your migration with Telviva Our top priority for clients, when implementing new installations for them, is to ensure a smooth migration from their current platform as well as continued enhancement thereafter.
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    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Thanks guys, figured it out. It needed to go under non taxable income.
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    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Hey guys, first time efiller here. On my Alan Gray Investments tax certificate under "Gross Local Dividends" it has the following note: "Gross local dividends must be declared in your income tax return even though there is no SARS source code assigned to it. If you file your income tax return...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool gadgets

    F‑PACE Our luxury performance SUV brings together sporty handling and dramatic beauty with everyday practicality and efficiency. Technologically advanced to the core, F‑PACE helps keep you safe, connected and entertained. It’s the benchmark of capable performance and makes every day driving...
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    Two-day giveaway - Win great prizes

    Samsung Galaxy S10e - R699 p/m for 24 months 6,5GB 400 All-Net Minutes 20GB Once Off Data