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    Do you lend money?

    I lent to a co-worker I became really friendly with, started off R250, next time was R450, then another R200. Never got any of it back even after a bunch of reminders. Not worth causing an issue over at work so just left it and counted it as charity.
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    Female teacher resigns from top Cape Town boys' school amid sexual misconduct allegations

    Same boat as you, we shall read from the sidelines and pretend we are included hahaha
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Currently have a pair of JBL's that are very similar to the FreeLace and the cord gets in the way, wanting a pair of True Wireless earbuds. I was keen on the new FreeBuds but they changed from a in ear to something more like Airpods which hurt my ears.
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Probably going to order it now and sell the Freelace and rather buy the FreeBuds. Also I only see the GT 2 Sport available on their site, is that the one?
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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    Everyone seemed to have recommended that before me hahaha
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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    Get the app called "Stocard" saves me from carrying a bunch of cards around I dont use often.
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    I was looking at their website and am not sure what the differences are between the Watch GT 2, Watch 2, Watch GT 2 Sport and the original Watch GT? Varying prices and not sure which one to go for
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Awesome thanks man!
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Sleep as Android has a feature that allows your alarm to go off within 30 minutes from the time you set if you enter a light sleep, feel less groggy when waking that way. But I can survive without it if it ticks all other boxes. Thanks!
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Hey guys, I am hoping this watch supports the following 2 apps: * Sleep as Android * HRV, they have their stress monitor but does it give you an indication on training recovery time or does it integrate with an app that does? Can anyone confirm these? On the Sleep as Android website they...
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    AI empowering innovation Microsoft AI is a tool that has the potential to radically change not only the world of business, but the world itself. Organizations all over the world are making the most of Microsoft AI to achieve the most incredible things.
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Anyone know if you can stack the Yuppiechef vouchers you get for 250 points? Or if oyu can load them onto a gift card?
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    How much coffee do you drink?

    I drink 1 cup of caffeinated coffee every morning followed by decaf for the rest of the day, about 3 cups. Also take a week off of all caffeine once a month.