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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    deffo need to drop that suspension :ROFL:
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    Post a pic of your ride!

    aaaaa thank you sir.
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    Post a pic of your ride!

    Must say the ggc8 STI version 6 must be one of the best scoobies out there
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    Post a pic of your ride!

    Auto style did a fake one in 4 bolt pattern
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    Merc c63 will now have a 2L engine :(

    The c63 for me was the worst sounding v8. And when people started fitting free flow systems it went from ok ish to terrible. Prefer the old school v8 flat plane crank sound. The new cross plane design has more benefits but does not have the same sound. Most 2 litre turbos destroyed the c63 in...
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    What Vodacom is doing to slash data prices

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    Load shedding is back. Do you have solar, batteries or a generator?

    Build in Braai. :) Gas Plate. 5.5 KVA Generator on a switch over. Solar vacuum tube Geyser.
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    Cape bikers say City traffic by-law amendment will outlaw lane sharing

    Lane-splitting tips Motorcyclists, who are competent enough riders to lane split, should follow these general guidelines by Arrive Alive and Hein Jonker if choosing to lane split: 1 Speed kills • Travel at a speed that is no more than 20km/h faster than other traffic - danger increases at...
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    Cape bikers say City traffic by-law amendment will outlaw lane sharing

    I am talking under correction but when we did a bike day we were told lane splitting is only allowed if traffic moves at less than 60 km/h and then you can not exceed 60km/h
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    Solar Geysers

    here some info
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    Minibus taxis - The other side

    I will respect them when they obey the law. These kants don't ask for a gap, or wait for a gap they just force you off the road to take it even putting your life at risk. Kings you say. Criminals I say. They think the own the road. Every rank is a dump where all the rubbish is just thrown out...
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    YAKKT - Yet Another Kreep Krauly Thread

    Dominator is like an ak47, It just keeps going
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    2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (incl AMG G63)

    Outcome was planned the moment the Merc is hooked op centre tow bar and all the "contenders" are hooked up off centre.