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    Polo vs Fiesta vs Corsa

    Are you still in school? Is there not a kiddies forum you can join.
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    Polo vs Fiesta vs Corsa

    In my opinion what is boring Very little steering feed back. Uncomfortable seats if you tall. Very little drivers feel. Quite a bit of body roll. Limited passenger space in the rear. limited to a around town car. Had to drive one to kzn, wont do that again. Very few creature comforts compared...
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    Polo vs Fiesta vs Corsa

    There is a polo in my garage. They boring. all look the same.
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    Polo vs Fiesta vs Corsa

    Tongue in cheek how I see your options in my opinion. Polo = Boring, stolen / hijack risk / easy double the insurance Fiesta= they Burn. Can we trust Ford. Get ready for insurance to exclude fire. Corsa = we will be seeing a post " ihave a problem with my corsa" :) Get a kia Rio /Suzuki etc
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    Government to spend R25m for Caster Semenya's defence

    Government Tax payer to spend R25m for Caster Semenya's defence. I fixed it.
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    All new fiesta on fire

    Received this yesterday and apparently the fiesta caught fire on its introduction to the motoring journalists. Seen a post on Fb saying it happened on the N2. Will see If I can find an article.
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    Portable Aircons

    Speak to your landlord. Ask him if you install a split unit if he can deduct it of your rent over say 6 months or a year. At the end of the day it improves the value of his investment. You have better living conditions and he has a place he can rent out much easier. I rented a few places and...
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    SAA to be split into three units

    So how do you pay 3 ceo's?
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    Over 100 firearms stolen in Boksburg gun shop robbery

    Something is not right. This sounds way to planned and why so many firearms? Is this stolen for some bigger plan? Armed cash heist?
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    6 Year old Honda Jazz brakes feels "dull".

    Different brake pads would also effect brake feel.
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    6 Year old Honda Jazz brakes feels "dull". some more info;
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Use a normal Battery have alternator tested. and put the battery in a battery box.
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    6 Year old Honda Jazz brakes feels "dull".

    1. replace the fluid. This should be done one a year. 2. heat cycle and seat the brakes. Drive at a 100kmh and brake as hard as you can. I mean you kick the brake pedal. you should slow down to about 20 km/h. do not come to a full stop. You need to repeat this process for 10 stops. once you...
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    Eskom is losing R500 million every month: CFO

    Disconnect non payers. Stop subsidising non payers. Reduce staff Start preventative maintenance Stop corruption and start recovering money lost with corruption stop all new projects till your house is in order, you profitable and debt manageable. or Privatise
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    Why you should buy an electric car in South Africa

    Not in our lifetime. in this country with this infrastructure. Not gonna happen.