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    Nissan and BMW could be bringing electric cars to South Africa

    Will it come with charger that plug in at Germany
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    Car making a slurping noise

    The Aircon waste pipe might be blocked
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    Car making a slurping noise

    Does it happen when you use the aircon?
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    The Toyota Supra Thread

    No No no, golf is not south Africa's favourite, its journalist favourite. Don't think all golf sales combined even make it into the top 25 most sold cars list in SA. So how's that a favourite? SA motoring journalists where the points don't count and the facts don't matter.
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    Advice on lowering my car

    May the lowest part of your weekend be your suspension.
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    Ford Figo 1.4 TDCI - shakes when accelerating or decelerating

    Difficult one, I suggest taking car in. Could be: clutch Duel mass flywheel failure Vacuum leaks wastegate on turbo sticky Boost leaks MAP sensor Blocked soot filter in exhaust. Throttle body (newer design turbo diesels now use throttle bodies)
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Three

    This is the wheel that was used on the original big foot
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    Her daughters got in the way of her sex and partying, so she killed them

    RIP Little ones. It hurts to read this. Adults should be children's guardians. I hope she gets the worse possible punishment.
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    Is Spar ripping me off on pre-paid electricity purchases?

    buy online direct from Eskom, Much cheaper
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    Finally fibre in my valley

    Please give some input my options for service providers are: Accelerit Fibre. Cool Ideas Home connect Web Connection Packetsky Web Quad imagine I looked and home connect looks good. Unless anyone has some input. Second question: I need to do some work at home which include outlook, email and...
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    [Fake-ish News?]Man uses drone with fireworks to break up neighbourhood street party in Brazil

    That video of a drone shooting fireworks into a crowd is not what it seems "But it seems the whole thing was a stunt by a popular Brazilian Instagram personality, Lucas Albert, and his pals. As some media outlets have reported, the clip appears on Albert's Instagram with a caption that says...
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    Advice on lowering my car

    Nope you wont have any issues. Just get coilies.