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    Digital currency feasibility study launched by South African Reserve Bank

    I don't think they will be looking at a dencentralised model, or relying on private nodes to process. I am pretty sure that this would be centralised by SARB and the registered Financial Institutes. The SARB is one of the reasons our k** currency still holds some value. I for one like the fact...
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    Magda Wierzycka speaks out about spying scandal

    lol is that overpriced rubbish still around?
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    Eskom must pay up - Oracle

    Similar thing has happened to us. Some of theses areas are very grey and I think that many software giants feed on this buffet. Second to that, have you ever read a software license agreement? Need like a freakin phd to understand them.
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    Yahoo Answers will be shut down in May

    Popular sub reddits can be a plague. But the there are most certainly good subs, you just gotta filter out the noise like with any big platform.
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    New Picture-in-Picture capabilities coming to Chrome−Report

    Great, now the person I talk to can be even more distracted :ROFL:
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    Ramaphosa blasts banks over “disappointing” COVID-19 response for business loans

    Uhhh... Excuse me Mr. President, but is that not ONE of the Government's functions? As in to create economic policy's which will have a positive impact on economic growth? Why do you think the financial industry is profitable? Beeeecause it is private. Plus the so called "big banks" provide...
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    Forcing ISPs to have black owners will be disastrous – Expert

    Can't people just start their own ISPs if they want to be in the industry?
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    Huawei Mate 40 Pro confirmed to be coming to South Africa

    Hmmm... ja no... I think I will pass hey.
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    Top South African asset manager shares his views on Bitcoin

    Boomers.... And it's not true that you can't do anything with it. I paid for my cloud server in Litecoin two weeks ago. Transaction cost me R0.05 to overseas company. Can Visa or Paypal beat that?
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    Absa adds nanotechnology solution to disinfect ATMs

    Also wondering on the lack of details...
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    SABC's proposed TV Licence plan will hammer DStv - Analyst

    Lucky my seebox and plex don't require any licensing :)
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    Problems with Discovery Bank

    I believe that is the responsibility of the Reserve Bank.