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    Things I wish I knew about credit when I was younger

    Things I wish I knew: Don't use credit for consumption and patience is a virtue.
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    I really like Bailly, but I fully agree with you, it's time.
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    Seems the #OleOut crowd on Twitter and Reddit are quiet this morning.
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    Football banter thread

    The actual number is the same though, which in itself is still laughable.
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    Mortymoose's Weber & Buitebraai Offerings to the HO's Gods! - You Got To Eat Your Pudding!

    Jissus okes, I disappear for a while and come back to a new thread 125 pages long....We definitely not here to bake a cake. In PE currently so no access to the same braai facilities but will post again when back home.
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    DStv Now has a new name

    I cannot understand the thinking behind having to register a device and then having a limit on registered devices. Anyone out there can explain that to me like I am five? This applies to Showmax too. Netflix has a viewing limit, but it doesn't care about your device.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    If you have never played the others and would like to I suggest starting with the Ezio Trilogy, then AC 1 and then the rest. I am also envious because I would love to play those again without knowing the story.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I know I got above 90% in Syndicate, Unity I couldnt, there was just too much.
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    Do you still listen to the radio?

    usually only when driving long distance helps keep me awake being engaged with what the DJs are saying, but this is usually the community stations wherever I am driving.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I think Unity has the best free running and parkour for me so far...Haven't yet played Origins or Odyssey.
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    Do you harvest rainwater?

    Same :| and I am in JHB.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I really enjoyed Syndicate, currently playing black flag as I dropped it before without giving it a fair chance. I am not the biggest fan of the naval stuff but about 40% in at this point so kinda invested in the story now.
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    The Top Gear Thread (Post JC; RH & JM)

    Yeah but that Top Gear died , and Jeremy essentially started it up again with Richard Hammond and that other guy before James.