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    Critics slam government's 'unfair' new Road Accident Fund bill

    They must just make everyone pay TAX on their salaries even if it only R50 for entry level earning R3500. They are the one's that voted for this crap. But the problem is it will only be more money to loot, must bring back death sentence, and if you a caught steeling cut of a hand and stuff like...
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    Is this a hate crime?

    This guy was plain and simple racist, you can see a mile away his attitude and was planning to do it because she was in his way. But hey because he is black he can not be racist he must be drunk or something? I moved jobs recently, and the last couple of weeks I have seen the racist in black...
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    PC Upgrade - Thoughts and Price

    Have not had any issues like that with my 3600 and Asus X470-F, I have the same case, ram, and a 500GB muskin pilot no problems. Running 3 drives together works perfect and the ram have been on xmp called something else in the bios though cant remember now. Have you updated the bios?
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    We’ll turn our economy around, whether people like it or not' – Ramaphosa

    Well turned around in which way for the worse or better? I see the Rand slipping everyday for the past 2 weeks.
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    Domestic worker family issue - advice needed

    Culture only comes in effect when it benefits the receiver! The ANC is a good example, otherwise it free to anyone willing to take the opportunity.
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    Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

    Whaaat? are you MAD that does not exist in any African country, not while there is white people on earth!
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    Ramaphosa signs controversial debt-relief bill into law

    But, But everyone said it will be better and he will FIX SA? Luckily I was not one of them, but was hoping the idiot would proof me wrong I guess.
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    MTN permanently shuts down 53 cell towers

    If only. But the ANC policies do not allow this... This country is about making a quick buck and screw the rest, that it just in the culture. I would say it needs to collapse before people will learn, but then again it was not the case with Zimbabwe they just proved it can get a lot worse and...
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    Ramaphosa signs controversial debt-relief bill into law

    WOW the stupid just gets worse with every election...
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    14 Had enough of their problems.
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    MTN permanently shuts down 53 cell towers

    The cost of doing business in Africa! Why would anyone invest their money and time, if it just so easily gets taken away again?
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    Xenophobic looting breaks out in Soweto again [14/08/2019]

    This country promote corruption, theft, murder and unemployment! What do you expect?
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    We’ll turn our economy around, whether people like it or not' – Ramaphosa

    Every time they say this I start to worry... That means they are about to come up some ridiculous plan which will fail, and make things even worse!
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    'Things are bad, everything's falling apart', says Zuma

    I am sure he believes his own BS, and clearly his followers have the same IQ as he does. They say dumb people are happy people this guys just delusional. Why is he not behind bars yet, with all his other buddies?
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    South African police crisis

    They are as bunch of lazy, overweight, incompetent and corrupt like the rest of the SA government.