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    Pretoria - Serial Killer ????

    That is actually an interesting thought, a 15 year old who didnt get an iphone for xmas will off himself for being neglected, but these people make it day to day struggeling and clinging to life, shows you how skewed our thinking has become hey, it must be rough AF for them
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    Pretoria - Serial Killer ????

    Homeless stew and sausages will also be available on request
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    Pretoria - Serial Killer ????

    Should it have been? It would defninitely solve some extremely pressing issues and alleviate a lot of resources
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    Pretoria - Serial Killer ????

    There is such a great way to solve two of the countries problems in one go, feed the homeless to the hungry!
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    10 of the most fattening fast food meals in South Africa

    Using both hands and no teeth, just like when you put the burger in your mouth
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    August launch for Galaxy Note 10 - Report

    Nice, looking forward to this, just a bit scared of what the pricing is going to be like when it gets here
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    Admin don't you have news about FNB

    Mine is also showing a lot more than I am supposed to have, so also R0.00 ...
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    Robots Might Turn Out to Be Great Co-Workers

    Or eat the most crunchy chips they could find as loudly as they can! I would vote yes for replacing my co workers with robots, we might actually get something done around here then
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    An Alaska teen is accused of killing her friend after a man she met online said he'd pay $9 million for videos of the murder

    They need to keep the drama alive somehow! Imagine being so naive that you would believe someone is going to pay you millions without having ANY proof of the intention!
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    Facebook could make crypto mainstream

    So is crypto going to make paying for things virtually costless? If not then we need to look at another system
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    10 of the most fattening fast food meals in South Africa

    We used to skareboard at the Civic, and could only get a few rands each from our parents, so when you are 5 people, one of those burgers worked very well. Tried it years later but was not impressed, their quality was crap, never went back there again. Always good to see fellow Kempton people
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    10 of the most fattening fast food meals in South Africa

    No wonder it went down so well that day lol
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    New COD too 'real'

    Yeah it is a bit of a difficult game, you just need to get used to not having enemies in your face that you can spray. Arma 3 you need to play slow and tactical, not just run and gun. We played one scenario, which took us 29 hours to complete, purely because it was so hard and restarting would...
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    I thought the same, I thought I missed a few editions to be at U20 already
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    Watch: Man critical after BMW smashes into lane divider in Cape Town

    Because they want to try and be safe, rather crashing than killing a larney...