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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand May 22nd, 2019 Skill Select June 2019 update and numbers into 2019/2020 Skill Select 189 invitation numbers ——————————————– We have confirmed with DHA that the June 2019 skill select round will again have 100 invites for...
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Thanks a million, indeed it is a massive help getting these first-hand numbers. Some numbers are crazy though - you don't mention kids but pre-school can cost you AUD$2000 per month. That's ~R20k...currently I pay R3.5k in SA. So yes you need a decent salary that side to compensate for the cost...
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Very interesting site...thank you Skaap
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Awesome and detailed reply Vampire, thanks for taking the time to write it up. On the costs of living of Melbourne compared to e.g. Joburg/Cape Town, anything that you can mention here?
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    Vodacom's massive investment in Rain

    Maybe, maybe not. Vodacom uses Nokia RAN equipment at the coast and Huawei RAN inland, and I expect Rain to use like equipment at each Vodacom base station. That should help to keep things consistent per site. That's my logical side talking who knows how its looking in reality. On the core...
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    If you have payslips, will that suffice instead of the IPR5s?
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    Balkans Travel - Visa Question

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    Game of Thrones ending - Share your views

    Me? I'm glad its over. Now humanity can move forward again :-)
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    Tax-free savings: ETF choices

    I managed to open up accounts for my minor kids without them having Tax numbers
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    Vodacom's epic new 20GB and 40GB data deals

    For Vodacom these prices aren't bad :-)
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    Tax-free savings: ETF choices

    I would kill your own house's bond first - given the stock market has run long and hard there is bound to be a correction soon. Killing the bond's interest at ~10% is a pretty good deal.
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    Impact of resignation on bonus

    Late to the discussion but my experience: The moment the company hears you are about to leave the bonus discussion becomes a hot potato; if the scores haven't been finalised you may magically find your expected score has droppped (typically there is a bonus pool; the staying members of the team...
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    First black African woman summits Everest.

    Has there been an "Arabic" African woman getting to the top of Everest too? What other categories are left? "Khoisan", "Left-handed", "Redhead"? :-p But jokes aside kudos to Saray Khumalo it takes guts and determination (and deep pockets) to do the Everest climb.
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    Tax-free savings: ETF choices

    Sygnia does offer a range of Unit Trusts with their TFSA. I am generally happy with their levels of service. Costs of the unit trusts may be a bit higher that some of the ETFs mentioned earlier in the thread
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    [Canada] B.C. man sues ex to get vibrator back

    True, this will be an especially heated and emotional case. Hope the judge can keep a level head