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    Former Vodacom senior accountant drops Please Call Me bombshells

    No man it was invented by Alan Knott-Craig. he even wrote about it in his book ;)
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    Former Vodacom senior accountant drops Please Call Me bombshells

    Well spotted! Such data is typically considered the property of the employer and should not be with an ex-employee. He/she may have opened up him/her to some legal action
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    Former Vodacom senior accountant drops Please Call Me bombshells

    This Please Call Me saga is like herpes - it just never goes away...
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    Cell C posts R7.5-billion net loss after tax

    R7.5-billion net loss after tax OUCH this is a LOT of red ink
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    Clicks Covid-19 Antibody test - Anyone had one?

    This thread is full of pricks
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    Mirror Trading International

    The Engrish in that post gave me diarrhoea
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    Vodacom and MTN location-based data linked to assassination scandal

    I wonder if Telkom and CellC also have skeletons in the closet? I would expect all in the industry to behave similarly. It's a massive issue with me that you are not in control of your own information. Between Google and the networks they really know everything about you
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    Mirror Trading International

    3 x times a day...triple the fun
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    Mirror Trading International

    Interesting article So which of the 10 boxes does MTI tick? I would say 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 at least? "Red flags If you are new to cryptocurrencies, here are 10 red flags to look out for: White papers or...
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    Tests prove that Vodacom disappearing airtime is real

    Which phones were this Jannie and where were they sourced from? " including Amazon, HP, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, China Telecom, and MIT. " maybe some adware/trackers/similar software was loaded as part of the base OS and is causing this issue?
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    SAPO punts big ecommerce plans

    Post Office and ecommerce in the same sentence? LOLz!
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    Mirror Trading International

    Thats the backend guys in India, taking some time off while spending the "investors" bitcoin :cool:
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    Here is why Vumacam's poles are taller than their camera domes

    And who said size doesn't matter ;)
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    Another strategy is a fixed deposit "ladder" strategy. Example: Instead of one big fixed deposit of 6 months' duration, you rather make 6 smaller deposits of 6 months duration, and stagger them one month apart. By doing this there is always some money coming available soon. Obviously a bit more...