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    Denel needs money – and warns over South Africa’s ability to defend itself

    Unless they are building de-fence at the zim border, we don't need Denel.
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    SABC wants South African Netflix viewers to pay TV licence fees

    So they have admitted then that nobody watches sabc, can we just scrap the sabc like SAA then please. Thx.
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    Would you date a robot?

    Question should be, why would you date a robot. Weird.
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    South Africa has no real economic recovery plan – Report

    Shame, just give them another 26 years, they must have almost finished writing their name at the top of the paper by now.
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    Woman robber arrested after Wild West shoot-out with cops

    This is sexist. If you mention race, then it's apparently racist, therefore mentioning gender must make it sexist.
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    Tax hikes proposed for South Africa

    Other countries cut taxes to get people spending to boost the economy. South Africa increases taxes so everyone is equal - equally poor. The way they going it will be better to quit and loaf around the UIF until that too runs out of money (6 months?).
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    Taxpayers to foot the bill for proposed R243 billion universal income programme in South Africa

    Runs out of money, adds more expenses. Africa economics. Wonders why Africa is stuffed. Africa logic.
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    The UIF is running out of funds

    What, no more gravy? Haibo, must be a mistake. *Raises taxes, adds universal social fund benefit for R21bn a month*
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    "Telkom didn't pay me again, so I turned off their cellphone tower"

    Then he should also have them blacklisted for being 3months in arrears
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    Attorneys never submitted Electric Fence COC. Now what?

    10 years ago I didn't even get the electrical cert, I had to hound the attorneys and estate agent for 6 month's after I already took ownership. When I sold the property 8 years later, the same attorneys bugged me about the gas, and elec fence certs before transfer. Haha
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    John McAfee has been arrested

    Should have been arrested for founding McAfee Inc. and making really **** software.
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    The people behind Mirror Trading International

    Repeat offenders, means they keep getting away
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    PlayStation Network Store prices increased in South Africa

    Why the heck would the poorer countries get price increase while rich countries get price decrease??
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    Price hike on cigarettes

    Probably ANC trying to recover lost tax revenue
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    Government is ready to turn its attention back to NHI: Mkhize

    Will never work, simply not enough money for that elephant