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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    So generally pbcool and company provide decent customer service but lord help you if you have an issue with your account. After numerous emails it seems impossible for the accounts department to provide an accurate statement. This after cutting my line claiming the account was in arrears, then...
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    Parents sad and angry over ’poisoning’ death of their children

    Same thing happened to a colleagues kids .. (25 and 29 years old) but in soweto ... daughter went into hospital sudden symptoms of organ failure and hallucinations no diagnosis (baragwaneth) son one week later started throwing up asked for milk was rushed to hospital and passed in the car ...
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    Bed in a box?

    We have had our sloom for 2 years now ... and my wife set her side to her desired comfort and i got mine on the hard ... love it ... plus you can remove and wash the top and the sloom pillows are just as comfortable... cant go wrong ...
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    Joburg’s William Nicol Drive set to get a name change

    ... viva Mandela Viva ... a true hero of our nation ... we will remove this racist infestation. BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY.
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    2006 vw caddy 1.9 tdi

    My mechanic does it too removes seats ect looks new when the polish is done. But got a buyer shortly after the posts. So sold pending funds. Offsite
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    2006 vw caddy 1.9 tdi

    Hi everyone. Selling my Caddy as above. Partial service history. No spare key. No accidents. 252000km Issues include. CV'S Rear shocks Both side mirrors Ding on the left fender Tyres Motor is good. Includes dvd and reverse cam with 17's It needs a good valet. Price R55...
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    How has your company treated you during Covid?

    My company closed down during Covid. Unlucky and officially in the unemployed category.
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    China's Military Has Surpassed US in Ships, Missiles and Air Defense, DoD Report Finds

    USA has been catching military spankings for a long time ... to take on china is near impossible without blowing the whole world to ****.
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    Spare tire bicycle rack

    Lol. Johannesburg north
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    Spare tire bicycle rack

    Holdfast spare tire 3 bike rack. Used Collection preferably R1500
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    FFp2 / N95 masks

    Charity time .. for every mask you purchase i will donate the same to the helen Joseph first responders.... Package of 10 masks for R300 ...
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    FFp2 / N95 masks