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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    Use this report to see the critical capabilities you should look for in an archiving solution and how the top vendors stack up.
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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    It's critical to verify any request that asks you to send sensitive information or money. Hackers often create fake email accounts and try to convince employees (and even executives) to send confidential information or transfer money. Verify that requests are real and think before you send.
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    New Giveaway – Win Great Prizes

    Whether they’re local or global, from a village school to the campus of a major university, sustainable communities are built on education.
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    The AI promise Deep dive into the different ways AI can help your business. Learn about Microsoft’s vision for AI in the enterprise.
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    With the 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses face mounting pressure to innovate and evolve, and as businesses take on the challenge to innovate, they in turn contribute to the economic strength and societal well-being of our nation.
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    The Frogfoot guys were very careful down our street as well but the contractors that installed what appears to be the SADV lines were pathetic. Left the trenches open for weeks on end and made a massive mess of the area.
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    In PE and my VDSL is so bad right now. Must be a break somewhere again :/
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Yeah looks like it
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    So now I have a white round manhole and a small black square manhole next to each other on the verge as well as a small grey box that someone just decided to place on my wall. Anyone know who is who here? Can they just place stuff on your wall now without permission?
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    SEACOM rolls out 1TB fibre link connecting Cape Town and Joburg

    I know this but they mention East London as well and so is that
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    SEACOM rolls out 1TB fibre link connecting Cape Town and Joburg

    Yeah I see its along the N1 but they then go and mention East London being connected in the next phase but nothing about PE.