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    Telkom FUP cap errors

    Contacted telkom about the loss of data and they eventually replied but simply said that I need to go to my nearest saps and open a case against telkom. Definitely switching to axxess next month. Can deal with alot when it comes to telkom, but not being scammed.
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    Telkom FUP cap errors

    My data usage so far this month according to telkom is 143gb day and 70gb night. Userstats say 132gb combined. Not only that but telkom shows my data usage for monday is 33gb. Not only did I not use that much, but it is physically impossible for a 4mbps line to use that much. It would take 19...
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    Is telkom falsifying usage data?

    So I noticed on the telkom portal that my usage for monday is 33gb. 1. I did not download this much 2. It's quite literally impossible For my 4mbps line to use that much it needs to download at full speed for 19 hours and 40 minutes straight Problem being that there are only 17 hours in one day...