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    John Block heading to prison for corruption after ConCourt dismisses appeal bid

    The government is now serious about fighting corruption.
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    Zuma takes shots at opposition 'boys' while on ANC charm offensive

    Ja, there must be more to the story, it can't be. :D:D
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    Dlamini, Malema ban media from covering their events

    Good, you said media shouldn't give CIC publicity. He's done you a favour here.
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    SITA launches new government cloud infrastructure for South Africa

    Gupta company is Sahara, Gijima is a South African owned company.
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    Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020

    Spies/snitches for the government.
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    Cell C fixed LTE data throughput experience

    Is Telkom LTE better than Rain performance and cost-wise?
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    South Africas’s Suidlanders brace for race war

    Malema is followed around by state guards wherever he goes, lots of monitoring that.
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    Ramaphosa fights DA bid to have Bathabile Dlamini axed

    There are many people who were pro-Zuma who are now pro-Cryril, just look at the cabinet. It's about convenience. Why do you think Cyril retained Dlamini with all the public outcry?
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    Ramaphosa fights DA bid to have Bathabile Dlamini axed

    Ramaphosa is simply protecting the support he has from the ANCWL constituency. Real Politik.
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    High Performance Car Insurance

    Like you said, completely optional. I elected not to have it.
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    High Performance Car Insurance

    I have Discovery Insurance but no tracking unit.