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    What game are you playing now ?

    Are there any SA battlefield 1 servers alive?
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    Android TV Box

    I'll sell you mine for R3000 it's 6 months old
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    Hi There im battling to upgrade to the latest firmware, please can you send me a link? my current version is: VA001.01.00a.I0929 sorry its a 65a6100
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    5 great Android TV boxes you can buy in South Africa

    The only box go be able to stream natively stored atmos movies is the nvidia shield. Although the ATV4K can stream atmos from netflix and the shield can't yet.
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    DSTV Now and 4 logins

    Do you think DSTV will ditch the "4 logins" and move to a more Netflix approach where they allow me to log into all y devices but can only stream 4 simultaneously? i have 8 TV's at home and i am having to move a Apple TV4k between the bar and playroom etc. I think they are being a bit short...
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    South Africa's slow Netflix speeds

    Something hasn't been great with Netflix of late (3 months or so) I have a Telkom 100mb fibre, but Netflix 1080p has patches of blockiness 5 - 10 times within an hour, as if its losing bandwidth. anyone else experience this? (Using a LG SMart TV and also on my Apple TV4/4K) experience is all the...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Are there any stickys on what Tasmota etc is, its quite a learning curve.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Has anyone here experienced issues with the Slaphers? i bought 2 recently for my driveway, one works flawlessly, the other keeps turning itself on every 20 odd minutes, they are not on any sort of timer or schedule? they have great wifi signal
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    apologies i see they out of stock too
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Takealot has stock of the Sonoff Basics
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    thanks guys i got them paired, still not out the woods completely the one is online, the other i just cant get online. is there a way of resetting a basic switch or is that no necessary?
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Hi guys, does anyone have any tips for me regarding the sonoff basic and not being able to pair them at all to my network. I tried 2 of them, cant get my IOS device to see them at all. tried on a friends wifi and connected in 2 seconds. I have tried all the stuff i found on YouTube, removed 5G...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    i probably will at a later stage, im cutting my teeth with the basics to get a fee for how they work, then i'll go crazy